10 Travel Bucket List Destinations That Are Very Hard or Impossible To Visit

The more complex the quest, the more rewarding the thrill. That, at least, is how many travelers feel about conquering the most arduous of grounds. But some unforgiven soils, despite their allure, remain elusive even to the most tenacious of explorers. We ask members of one famous internet forum which destinations draw their fancy but are near impossible to conquer, and their picks would either further fuel your wanderlust or have you thrust your hands up in the air in abject surrender.

1. Babylon, Iraq

Babylon, Iraq – July 12, 2019: Blue Ishtar gate in Babylon
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The city of Hanging Gardens and Tower of Babel intrigues every itinerant, “but Iraq seems too dangerous to visit,” one traveler opines. A respondent expresses disappointment at how much “the region has been in so much turmoil, pretty much from the beginning.” A second respondent explains that over four decades of war and the high threat of armed militia make Babylon near-impossible to visit.

2. Uzbekistan

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A mind blowing destination, according to one traveler, Uzbekistan immerses you in the jaw-dropping beauty of Islamic architecture. The problem, by the account of a second contributor, is the complication that often arises when visited. “They have a history of arresting lone Westerners and charging them with espionage,” she explains.

3. Antarctica

Antarctica peninsula landscape with people, ships, tender boats, penguins, icebergs and mountains
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The unclaimed continent of the world, Antarctica, is a near-infinite stretch of ice you may mistake for the setting of your favorite drama, Game of Thrones. Still, several commenters clarify that it’ll be far easier to jump over the icy wall of Westeros than to set foot on Antarctica. It’s expensive. “I think the cheapest one where you get off the ship there is %15,000, minimum,” someone adds.

4. Socotra, Yemen

Socotra Island, Yemen
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An island in Yemen with the most transparent turquoise water, Socotra is the dream travel destination that should remain only in dreams due to the region’s instability, one user insists. Another person suggests that some tours still go there despite being complicated.

5. Space

Kennedy Space Center
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Would you consider space a travel destination? Many people think it is, as is one user who expresses longing for the vastness above our planet. “It’s super expensive and dangerous,” according to a respondent. However, an optimist on the thread says they hope the time will come when going to space “will simply be the medium for travel to actual destinations, as opposed to the destination itself.”

6. Russia

Saint-Petersburg. Russia. Panorama of St. Petersburg at the summer sunset. Cathedral of the Savior on blood. Cathedral of the Resurrection. Petersburg architecture. Petersburg museums. Russian cities.
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An exciting destination to visit until the war; several people on the thread say Russia is a beautiful country but quickly caution it may have become a hostile destination with little guarantee of return. Someone claims he misses climbing Mount Elbrus and would relish spending more time there, but unfortunately, warmongering souls have now made that impossible.

7. Nunavut, Canada

View of a remote Inuit community of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada. Early morning before sunrise in Pangnirtung fjord.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Dubbed the most extensive, northernmost territory in Canada, this icy landscape has no roads or rail. It is accessible only by air, making it difficult to reach, a forum member explains. Another member considers traveling to Nunavut “outrageously expensive” and thinks a road trip isn’t feasible.

8. Turkmenistan

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One of the most difficult visas to get in the world, it’s possible to apply for a Turkmenistan visa, but you’ll need the help of a local travel agency, someone explains. The government expects you to go from your entry point to your exit point without making any detour, a second user adds, further elucidating the isolation and strict supervision Turkmenistan thrives on.

9. Syria

The shrine of Sayyida Zainab bint Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Damascus, Syria
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One user admits, “There are lots of historical sites that would be cool to see, but Syria isn’t safe right now.” Two other forum contributors say they do not consider Syria as dangerous as it used to be but advise you to stick to a “sanctioned tour guide” because they have updated maps of the welcoming regions and those that are not.

10. Torngat National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfound Land
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

“So mysterious and beautiful” is how one individual describes Torngat. There’s no security threat, save for prowling bears that may end up snacking on tourists. A second individual says they “looked into visiting years ago, and at that time, travel advisors recommended you hire a trained Inuit polar bear guide. I’ve never forgotten that.”

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