Can You Iron Swimsuit Material?

Are you wondering if you can remove the wrinkles in your swimsuit easily? Maybe by ironing it? Or is ironing a total no for swimsuit fabrics and materials?

It would help if you avoided ironing when you want to remove wrinkles on swimsuit material. Lycra, nylon, and polyester fibers are delicate and can melt at high heat – some are flammable. Other ways to remove the wrinkles include washing the garment or making your own wrinkle-free spray.

Sometimes you can get around the “no iron” label, but there are safer ways to approach the wrinkles in your swimsuit if you are scared about burning them.

What Is Swimsuit Material?

When you think about swimsuit material, you immediately imagine stretchy fabric; that is exactly what it is. Most swimsuits consist of these synthetic fabrics that have the high elasticity to get on and take off easily, even when wet.

Fabrics like nylon, lycra/spandex, and polyester are usually the highest percentage of fabric in a garment with the same qualities as a swimsuit. Each has its abilities and weaknesses, and you can iron out some; others you should rather not.

  • Nylon – synthetic fibers that are lightweight, tough, and elastic.
  • Lycra – synthetic fibers that are usually wrinkle-resistant and super stretchable.
  • Polyester – synthetic fibers that are stretchable and used in most garments.

Look at the label inside your garment or swimsuit. It will usually tell you not to iron. Look at the material that makes up the garment. 100% polyester, you will be able to iron, where lycra is a no-go. Each type of material has its unique way of getting wrinkles out with an iron if you have to use it.

How To Iron Swimsuit Fabrics?

 Swimsuit material doesn’t wrinkle, but you found the garment or bathing suit in the back of the closet, bundled up for the winter, and they now have a few creases. There are ways to handle an iron on your bathing suit.

MaterialIron SettingTemperature
Polyester3300F/ 148C
Nylon1275F/ 135C
Lycra1275F/ 135C

When you want to iron a swimsuit or a garment with the same material, add a cloth, so you don’t iron directly on the fabric.

You should iron nylons on the lowest setting, and you can spray a little water on the garment if your iron has this setting; otherwise, keep it dry before ironing. The same applies to ironing lycra, but instead of covering with a cloth, use a towel. Spritz with water and iron on low to medium heat when you want to iron polyester.

The tricky part is that swimsuits are seldom 100% material. It usually is a mix of a few different fibers, making it difficult to know whether you can take the chance to iron it or not. Use your discretion, but opt for another option if you care for that garment – once scorched there is no way to save them.

Other Ways To Remove Wrinkles In Swimsuit Material

As stated, you can iron swimsuit fabrics, but you will be taking a risk. These materials are delicate, and if your garment goes up in flames or you are stuck with scorch on your brand new bathing suit – it will be too late. Luckily there are other options to get the wrinkles out.

Steaming Your Swimsuit Material

Steam can be just as dangerous as ironing. Heat is the culprit, so steam will cause the same damage when you do it wrong. Suppose you have minor wrinkles; you can attempt steaming to remove them.

  • Hang the garment to steam it.
  • Keep the steamer further away than usual
  • Don’t go closer than 2 inches away

If the steamer doesn’t work by keeping it further away, ditch the steamer and try something else.

Wrinkle Spray Remover For Your Swimsuit Material

Wrinkle remover sprays are available in shops, or you can make your own. These may decrease the longevity of your garment if you use it repeatedly, but otherwise, it is harmless.

To make your wrinkle spray remover:

  • Add the following together: 1 cup distilled water, one teaspoon rubbing alcohol, and one teaspoon fabric softener
  • Add it to a spray bottle that has a mist-like spray
  • Spray on the hanging garment and smooth it out with your hands.

Another DIY recipe for a wrinkle release spray is 1 cup distilled water and 1 cup plain vinegar. This method will stink, so most would recommend you add essential oils to blend out the vinegar smell.

Wash And Hang To Get Out Wrinkles

The best way to remove your swimsuit’s wrinkles is to soak them in cooler water and hang it. Don’t squeeze or ring the water out, but rather pat the water out with a towel or press two towels together with the suit in the middle. Hang it out of direct sunlight.

You can also hang your suit in the bathroom while you shower. The steam from the shower will have the same effect as rinsing it in water and will take the wrinkles out.

Blow Dry Wrinkles Out Of Swimsuit Material

Use your blow dryer to get the wrinkles out of your swimsuit. This method is excellent when you don’t have any supplies, are in a hotel room, take out your swimsuit for the beach day tomorrow, and see the creases.

Keep the hair dryer further away from the garment, the same as the steamer, and do not set it on the hottest setting. Remember, this is heat as well, so be cautious. Let your garment hang and work your way up the garment.

Preventing Wrinkles In Swimsuit Material

To prevent wrinkles in swimsuit fabric garments, store them correctly. Here are some tips for storing your swimsuit better:

  • Ensure you store it when it is completely dry. If you put it away and there is still moisture between the fibers, it can lead to wrinkles and mold.
  • Roll them up rather than folding them and place them loosely in a drawer.
  • When going to the beach or packing your swimsuit for vacation, pack it last, so there is no heavy weight resting on your swimsuit. You can lay it flat on your towel and roll it up and pack it this way as well. This method will ensure no creases and no damage.
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If you want to risk it, you may iron swimsuit material. The blends of materials that make up a swimsuit vary in percentages, and one is more likely to burn than the other. Suppose you paid a lot of money for your designer swimwear; instead, opt for one of the other options to remove wrinkles safely.