Can You Live In A Beach House?

A beach house is probably the pinnacle of a dream house. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of crashing waves and local birds chirping? But, of course, one must first establish whether a beach house is a viable option. So follow along as we discuss whether you can live in a beach house.

It is possible to live in a beach house. However, there are some challenges that may make living in a beach house more challenging. For instance, beach houses are often not insulated properly for the winter months. Furthermore, shops and businesses are sometimes located long distances away.

There are many factors to consider when you purchase a new home. This is especially true for houses located on the coastline. Read more to find out things you should know about living in a beach house. 

Is It Possible To Live In A Beach House?

You may be considering buying that dream home on the beach – finally. However, your logical reasoning may have some concerns. ‘Is it a sound investment?’ ‘Will I be able to live normally?’ These are probably some of the questions residing in your head as you read this article. So, can you live in a beach house?

The answer is yes! But before you pack your bags and head out to the oceanfront, there are some things you need to know. Living in a beach house comes with its own set of unique perks and challenges.

That adored beach you always wanted to wake up to? Expect an unbearable amount of sand in your living space. However, it is possible to live in a beach house; it is a house, after all. Nonetheless, living in a beach house takes a bit of adjusting.

Being aware of what to expect and being prepared can make the living transition easier. Saying this, we have listed some specific challenges you may face when living in a beach house. But don’t worry, it still might all be worth it.

Living In A Beach House During Winter

As you may be aware, beach houses are often used only during the summer months. But what if you want to live in a beach house all year round? Are there any concerns you should be aware of? Well. It’s difficult to say. The answer is mostly dependent on the type of housing you have purchased or are considering purchasing.

For instance, while not all beach houses are unpleasant to live in during the winter, many of them are. Many houses have windows that are not adequately sealed and insufficient or damaged insulation. The result, in turn, is an intolerable winter draft and a severe drop in household temperature.

However, these problems don’t have to be permanent or detract from your quality of life. If you are willing to invest a little money (unfortunately, some houses may demand more than a small sum of money), then your quality of life will be greatly improved during the winter months.

A Beach House Is Far From Developed Areas

Beach houses are frequently located far from built-up areas. This means that the house is located far from shops and establishments. So while this may be an ideal setting for your summer vacation (escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life), the distance may become a nuisance in your daily life.

However, there may be local establishments in the area. But you may find that prices are substantially higher than in rural cities. Consequently, you may have to drive long distances to the nearest developed area to buy your week’s worth of toiletries and groceries.

Admittedly, only being able to go shopping once a week might be just the thing we need for those of us who spend a bit too much on the daily. Our wallets will surely thank us. But, of course, not every beach house will encounter challenges related to distance. Many beach houses are situated in established urban areas.

Regardless, the location of the house can have its challenges. Consider researching the distance to the nearest reasonably priced supermarket and stores. Knowing how far these establishments are can help you decide if living in a beach house year-round is right for you.

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Living In A Beach House Means Changes To Your Work Life

This point is essentially an extension of the previous paragraph. However, this viewpoint requires a lot more thought and attention. Because beach houses are frequently located outside of rural cities, you will face difficulties in the job sphere. You might find yourself driving long distances every day to and from work.

Alternatively, you may decide to find work in the area where you live. However, you may discover that there are no employment options available or that the positions available do not pay as well as your former job in the city. As such, you will need to be resourceful.

If you are business inclined, consider starting a business if you believe you can create a long-term, profitable venture. If not, consider looking for employment that will allow you to work from home. These jobs are great as they allow you to work from the comfort of your own home while earning a sufficient income.

Overall, living in a beach house will almost certainly require changes in your work life. As a result, careful consideration must be given before moving into your home for the long term.

Living In A Beach House Is More Expensive

Living in a beach house comes with a price. And I’m not necessarily referring to the market worth of a beach property, which is unquestionably more expensive than inland homes. Instead, I’m talking about the additional costs associated with maintaining a coastal house.

Because of their location, these homes are more prone to damage and corrosion than other homes. In turn, this may mean you would have to fork out more money than some houses inland. For example, salt accumulation on windows and glass doors can render them nonoperational.

The beach air can also damage building materials and outdoor furniture. Additionally, premature foundation issues may also occur due to the soil erosion commonly found at most beaches or shorelines.

Lastly, insurance on beach houses is often more expensive than other houses due to the risk of being exposed to coastal extremes. So, to summarize, living in a beach house may necessitate a larger financial commitment than one may initially expect.


Although there are a few drawbacks to living in a beach house, they can be overcome. That means you can happily and peacefully enjoy life as a coastal resident. So, If you decide to live in a beach home, I wish you all the best!