Can You Use A Bodysuit As A Swimsuit?

Any fashion lover understands how amazing it feels for their clothing to be used in several situations. Suppose you’re a fan of bodysuits, which are for sure a fashion staple. In that case, you may ask yourself, “Can I use a bodysuit as a swimsuit?” well, the answer could depend.

You can use your bodysuit as a swimsuit. However, you need to find the suitable material, know your perfect size, and take whitewash into consideration, which could happen with bodysuits with decorations. You also need to pay attention to the thickness of the bodysuit, as well as the type of cut.

Being able to transition your body suit into a swimsuit could be awesome! Want to know all about turning your bodysuit into a swimsuit? Continue reading to find out!

Know Your Perfect Bodysuit Size

In general, bodysuits and swimsuits make it much more difficult to determine your size, especially if you tend to shop online instead of at a physical store.

On top of this, most stores and online retailers have a “Final Sale” policy, which means you can’t return bodysuits or swimsuits after leaving the store.

This could be a struggle, as not all stores are consistent with their sizes.

Therefore, it would be best for you to determine which size bodysuits are best suited for your body type by always checking the size charts of each store or online shop.

Choose A Bodysuit Of A Suitable Material

When shopping for a bodysuit that can double as swimwear, you need to pay close attention to the material blends of fabric used to manufacture it.

The more similar the fabric is to actual swimwear, the better chances it will have to double as a swimsuit. You don’t necessarily have to check the tiny details on the tags to make sure it’s a specific blend or ratio.

Once it’s a stretchy and Polyester fabric or spandex, you can know you’re on the right track. Try to stay away from bodysuits prone to stretching, as they will likely sag and look unflattering when they get wet.

If you’re still unsure, you can have a look at the guide below:


You are probably already very familiar with Polyester. Polyester can be found in most types of modern clothing, regardless of the style.

Polyester is very resistant to chlorine, holds its color exceptionally well compared to other fabrics, and dries much quicker while offering you protection from UV rays.

All these properties make Polyester a very versatile fabric, on top of its exceptional breathability, shape-retention, and ease of cleaning.

Polyester PBT

Polyester PBT, also known as Polybutylene Terephthalate, is a mixture of Polyester and PBT. This fabric stretches very similar to lycra, giving the user a high level of comfort.

This fabric is also chlorine resistant, repels water, and dries fast. While you may not have heard about this type of fabric before, you need to keep a close eye out for them!

Being snag-resistant and lightweight makes Polyester PBT ideal for an everyday beach look!


Nylon is another popular fabric many people have heard of before, and you probably have a few garments like these in your closet! While Nylon is usually associated with stockings, it could also be extremely valuable for your apparel!

Thanks to Nylon’s smooth fit, it creates a very flattering look for the user. It’s also soft on all skin types, has great elasticity, and cleans effortlessly.

However, you need to keep in mind that Nylon is not chlorine resistant, which means it won’t have such longevity as a Polyester-based garment.

Which Fabric Is Best Between These Three?

All three of these materials are ideal if you want to double your bodysuit as a swimsuit as well. However, if it comes down to the best choice, it would have to be Polyester.

This is because of Polyester’s fantastic water qualities, and you can find many bodysuits in almost every style made from this.

However, If you choose Polyester PBT or Nylon, you will still be making a good choice.

Be Cautious Of The White Wash Factor

White wash will usually happen with graphic prints placed on a stretchy fabric. If you stretch these fabrics too fat, the graphic image tends to fade and looks white washed.

However, you can almost eliminate this factor by choosing the correct sized bodysuit.

Pay Attention To The Cut Of The Bodysuit

While the cut of your bodysuit needs to be something you need to consider, it is worth mentioning. A bodysuit will look perfectly fine if used for its primary goal.

However, some types of bodysuits may not double as the best-fitting swimsuit.

If you’re planning to opt for a bodysuit that has the classic monokini cut, you will be good to go! If not, it would be worth it to keep in mind that you need to consider the cut and how the bodysuit will look when it gets wet.

Choose A Thicker Fabric

When choosing a bodysuit that could effectively double as swimwear, you need to consider the thickness of the fabric.

As a general rule of thumb, the thinner material you choose, the higher the possibility would be that it becomes see-through when it gets wet.

Precisely the same applies when it comes to a bodysuit. If you’re looking at a thin bodysuit, there is a good chance that it may become completely transparent when you jump in the pool.

So, if you remain unsure whether or not a bodysuit could double as a swimsuit, it would be best to look for a thicker one.

Always Choose Darker Colors

You can choose a darker color if you’re very concerned about your bits showing through your bodysuit when you swim in it.

Lighter colors, such as white and yellow, tend to become see-through when wet, no matter if the fabric is on the thicker side.

Therefore, it would be your best bet to choose a darker-colored bodysuit, such as navy or black.

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Now that you know you can use a bodysuit as a swimsuit, you have infinite sets of bodysuits to choose from for your next summer trip or tropical vacation!

Remember to select your perfect size with the suitable material, and always try to go for a darker color for your bodysuit to double as a practical swimsuit!