Can You Wash Beach Towels With Bath Towels?

Towels, towels, towels. One we use for the beach and one we use for the bath. But are they so distinct that they have different cleaning requirements? Continue reading as we answer, ‘can you wash beach towels with bath towels?’.

You can wash beach towels with bath towels. However, beach towels should only be put in the washer once they have been cleaned of sand. Sand can clog up the washer’s filter, which can lead to water pump breakage and washer leaks. Also, be sure to only wash towels with like colors.

Before washing your beach towels with your bath towels, there are some things you need to know. Continue reading to learn how to wash beach towels with bath towels.

Can Beach Towels And Bath Towels Be Washed Together?

Beach towels track a lot of dirt, debris, and bacteria from your day out on the beach. It is usually covered in sand, seawater, and the occasional ice-cream stain. On the other hand, your bath towels are relatively dirt free as they do not take as much of a beating. So, you may be asking yourself if you can wash beach towels and bath towels together? The fewer loads of washing, the better, right?

You will be glad to learn that you can wash beach towels and bath towels together. So that’s one less load of washing for you to worry about doing. Beach towels and bath towels are perfectly suited to wash together. However, when it comes to beach towels, you should know a few things before placing them in the washer. Read on to learn more.

Never Put Sandy Beach Towels In The Washer

Beach towels with sand should never be put in the washing machine. You may think putting towels with sand in the washer will not harm the washing machine; after all, the washing machine is meant to clean the towels, right? Although sandy towels may seem harmless, they can cause havoc on your washing machine.

Excess sand and debris get caught in your washer’s filter, which then causes it to become clogged. A clogged filter can lead to breakage of water pumps and unwelcomed washing machine leaks. The best way to avoid the havoc sand causes on washing machines is to remove as much of it before washing.

Two-Step Shake To Remove Sand From Beach Towels

While you are still at the beach, shake off all the sand and debris off your towel. Wet towels may cling to sand, so use your hand to sweep off any large clumps of sand. Afterward, it is best to hang your towel to dry in the sun before packing it up.

However, as many people lay on their beach towels, hanging them to dry at the beach is not ideal. So the next best option is to hang the towels to dry at home. Once the towels are fully dried (and before you bring them into the house), shake the towel again. Again, you want to remove as much sand as possible, so you might need to add some elbow grease.

Ideally, you want to hear an audible snap sound when shaking the towel. This is an important step because not only do you not want to clog up your washing machine, but you also don’t want to bring sand into your home.

How To Wash Beach Towels And Bath Towels Together

If you want to learn how to wash beach towels and bath towels together, keep reading.

Check Beach Towels For Stains

Before placing your towels in the washer, it is important to check for any stains. Stains could be from sunblock, ice cream, self-tanner, rosé, or the likes. If you notice a stain, you should pre-treat the area.

If you are using store-bought prewash stain removers, read the instructions to determine how long you should treat the area. Some prewash stain removers require you to rinse the area before placing the fabric in the washer. After pre-treating the stain, place the towels in the washer.

Place Bath Towels And  Beach Towels In Washer

Place both the bath towels and beach towels in the washing machine. Be sure not to overfill the drum, as the towels need space to be adequately cleaned. If you are pre-treating any stains, wash the towels in warm water. However, the best temperature to use is cold water.

Cold water will not embed any sand into the towel’s fibers and helps to keep the towels brighter for longer. Only use hot water if your towel needs extra sanitation. For example, if someone using the towel has Athlete’s Foot or any other fungal or bacterial infection.

Note: Always wash towels with like colors. Do not mix white bath towels with colored beach towels.

Check For Stains Before Drying

Before placing your towels in the dryer, check for stains. If you notice any discoloration or stains, treat the area. Do not put stained towels in the dryer, as the heat will cause the stains to set in the towel. Set stains are harder to treat and are more difficult to remove.

Place The Towels In The Dryer

If your towels are clear of stains, you can place them in the dryer. If your dryer moisture-sensing cycle, choose this option. This sensor will stop your machine once the towels are dry and prevent over-drying. Additionally, you can hang your towels to dry too. Hanging your towels is not only an eco-friendly option but can also save money on the electricity bill. After the towels are dry, pack away as usual.

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You can wash beach towels with bath towels. However, it would be best to remove as much sand as possible before placing beach towels in the dryer. Use the ‘two-shake’ method to remove sand from your towels. Before putting the towels in the washing machine, check for stains.

Once the stains have been treated, you can place them in the washer. After washing, check for stains again and dry in the tumble or hang them on the line.