Can You Wear Wedges To The Beach?

Nothing says you’re enjoying your vacation like strolling down the beach in a pair of beautiful wedge sandals to pair with your brand new bikini! Wedges are the perfect stable for hitting the beach or simply going for a weak down the beachfront. Can you wear wedges to the beach?

Regular high heels should never be worn to the beach, but beach wedge sandals have a wide profile so that they won’t sink into the beach sand as easily. Wedges can make it easier to walk on the thick beach sand. As long as your wedges aren’t higher than three inches, you can wear them to the beach!

If you’re still a bit unsure about whether or not you can wear wedges to the beach, don’t panic yet! Continue reading, as we have put together a complete guide on how you can walk in a wedge sandal on the beach like a pro!

Wearing Wedges To The Beach

Beach wedge sandals can be very flattering to wear with your swimwear if you are going to sunbathe at the beach, especially as the higher heel will visually make your legs look longer!

However, some beach wedges could be less practical if you want to walk on the beach, as they will still have a tendency to sink into the sand more than flatter types of beach shoes.

However, if you choose the correct wedge style, they won’t slow you down or trip you while attempting to have a peaceful stroll along the beach.

Today, modern beach wedges can be bought in a very wide variety of different styles. In recent years, flip plops have grown in popularity, as many people firmly believe they are most practical for the beach while being sold at an affordable price.

The espadrille beach wedge is one of the most popular types of wedge sandals, and they are a very classic and elegant choice amongst women.

These wedges are a great style for pairing with a flowy summer dress for a romantic, elegant, yet casual look.

Now that you are aware of the most popular choices of beach wedge sandals, you are hopefully getting some great ideas about which ones to choose for your next beach trip.

However, it would benefit you as well if you took some things into consideration for the best buy.

This includes the fit of the wedge sandal, as well as its durability and ease of cleaning:

The Overall Fit

It doesn’t matter which style of wedges you are deciding on. Getting the right fit for your foot is an essential part of your comfortability.

There is nothing worse than driving and hoping for the perfect day at the beach, only to have it ruined by unsupportive or uncomfortable shoes.

Never buy shoes online, as you will need to try them on and have a walk around first to determine if the shoe is your perfect fit.

Durability Of The Shoe

By definition, beach footwear has to be lighter than your everyday footwear, but this doesn’t mean that it should be of poor quality and break within the few first times you wear them.

If you don’t want to spend most of your time hunting through local stores for new shoes, you should consider paying a few extra bucks.

It may sometimes be worth spending a little more to get a higher-quality beach sandal that offers you the durability you need for a walk along the beach.

Choose A Shoe Easy To Clean

A wet and sandy beach could become a messy place, and whatever beach shoes you decide to go with will get dirty and full of sand. You must make sure your chosen shoes are easy to clean and easy to care for.

Many people tend to forget that sand actually consists of millions of tiny particles of rocs and seashells, which can scratch and ultimately destroy plastic and leather uppers.

If you are going to wear beach wedge sandals to the beach, you should consider treating them with a leather treatment.

Leather treatments are typically easy to purchase at most of your local big box stores and shoe stores.

However, before you purchase any leather treatments, make sure it is compatible with your chosen shoe and will not harm them.

How To Walk With Wedges On The Beach

Now that you know all the things you should consider before buying a wedge sandal for your next beach trip, you may be unsure how to adjust your walk to be more comfortable.

Let’s take a look at these three easy tips you should keep in mind when walking on the beach with your new wedges:

Hinge Your Legs At Your Knees

Start by bending the front of your knee while lifting your back leg, one at a time. Then, you can step forwards slowly, using your back legs and positioning them in front of the other.

Make sure to point your foot while doing thee motions, and at the end, you should land on the ball of your foot.

Roll Onto The Balls Of Your Feet

The one mistake a lot of first-time wedge wearers make is to stomp their feet down when they walk. Not only does this become very uncomfortable, but you may walk awkwardly.

Instead of doing this, you can start by planting your heel on the ground while walking with your wedges on the beach.

Then, you can roll onto the ball of your foot to allow the wedge to sit on the sand firmly and steady.

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Always Stand Up Straight

One of the best tips for walking in wedge sandals at the beach would be to stand up straight. It would be best to always keep your chin up, with your shoulders and back straight.

As you walk n your wedge heels on the beach, be careful not to slouch your shoulders.

Lift your shoulders in and down towards each other. This will help you to keep your back straight and open your chest.


Walking with wedges on the beach could become uncomfortable, especially if your feet don’t fit the shoe. It gets full of sand and isn’t as durable as it should be.

However, if you consider the important things and walk properly, you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest while looking at your best!