Coastal Boho Bathroom

The Bohemian décor style has always been popular in creating the relaxed minimalistic, yet chic and colorful ambiance in many homes. However, bathrooms are always last in line with design or décor because they are the smaller and more private rooms in the house.

When a bathroom décor has no structure, it’s minimalistic and has lots of textures and patterns with personal and natural items; it is bohemian. In addition, if it has a base color palette of primarily bright white, yet colorful with a mix of other earth colors, it is a coastal Boho style bathroom.

It is almost a perfect match if we speak about bathrooms, water, sea, and Boho; therefore, opting for a Coastal Boho bathroom seems appropriate. In addition, this style can be budget-friendly and allows you to play with carefree pattern layers, organic materials, shapes, and colors. Let us see how.

What Is A Coastal Boho Bathroom?

You probably have a Boho bathroom when your bathroom décor lacks structure and has carefree pattern layers, lots of texture, and sets a minimalistic, natural, yet elegant tone. In the coastal décor sense, Boho is vibrant yet ordinary, but the base colors are bright white and earthy with the coastal flair. 

The combination of colors used is bright and white, and paired with natural warm colors will indicate a Boho coastal bathroom. In addition, the use of olive green, yellow, orange, and brown fits perfectly with this style.

The room has many textures and patterns, such as florals or natural prints. It could also have mixtures of metals, woods, and animal hides. Personal items in various forms and shapes would also indicate a Boho style. In addition, some random and unstructured natural beach items would seem Boho.

What Makes A Bathroom Coastal Boho?

Firstly, you need your free-spirited creativity, no actual set rules, and a mix of color, patterns, furniture styles, and décor that no one would have expected. Use asymmetrical and random layouts as the Boho style tends to be casual and carefree, with a design that promotes relaxation and nature.

Secondly, add many accessories but keep it minimalistic or ethnic and made from natural materials. There is no structure, and you can mix and match according to your style and relate to the beach and coastal areas. For example, personal souvenirs and antiques that make the bathroom uniquely yours.

Thirdly, for the Boho coastal style, use bright white and natural earth colors. It does not mean that you must stay away from any bright and modern colors. The coastal rule is that the base colors should be bright white or beach colors combined with sporadic yellow, brown, green, or blue features.

Fourthly, don’t be afraid to mix various textures when decorating your bathroom in a Boho style. Woven or cane furniture pieces and any unfinished natural surfaces can match perfectly. Finally, do not be afraid to add a few bathroom plants to set a coastal bohemian atmosphere harmoniously.

The Different Boho Décor Styles

Boho is bohemian and relates to the styles and lifestyles of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s; in addition, the French ‘bohemian’ term relates to Bohemian and describes Romani gypsies who came from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Now, lets us briefly look at the Boho styles.

The Traditional Boho Décor Style

The gypsies long flowing hair and colorful fabric dresses inspired the Boho fashion. In addition, their creative poverty and almost carefree anti-social structure attitudes are present in the Boho style with earthy, minimalistic colors and carefree pattern layers with no actual structure.

The Coastal Boho Décor Style

Take the traditional Boho style and make it more laid-back with natural materials but more texture. In addition, hold back on the bright colors and opt for bright whites in combination with earthy colors. The natural coastal and beach colors provide a perfect base for boho fixtures and fittings.

The traditional and beach Boho styles are laid-back; therefore, mixing them enhances peacefulness. The ambiance should be a relaxed beach holiday based on the conventional Boho style with endless mix and match combination options.  

The Modern Boho Décor Style

The modern or urban Boho style consists of the traditional Boho style with a modern touch. By using rattan, macramé, and some ethnic patterns with modern trending elements such as rich color tones and furnishings, you maintain the Boho décor in the contemporary world.

How To Add A Coastal Boho Flavour To Your Bathroom?

The free-style décor of Boho brings almost unlimited options to the table to create a bohemian style and with some minor limitations for a coastal Boho décor. Additionally, you can easily accommodate your personal preferences and items to create a unique bathroom décor.

Because the bathroom is modest and doesn’t necessitate a large budget, it’s a great place to experiment with a bohemian-inspired design. Therefore, you will find that you already have everything needed in many instances and only require some style and fashion tweaks.

For the Coastal Boho flavor, try to use a base theme and color palette of beach and water. After that, you can add to the décor without limitations. We have listed ten easy and practical options to add a Boho flavor to your bathroom.

Plants:  Hanging plants is quick and easy for the beach feel, and potted plants arranged on open shelving will love the moisture and shade

Mosaic tiles: Tiles can emphasize a bland space. In addition, create a tile or mosaic feature on one wall

Wall Paper: With the variety of wallpaper patterns will be an excellent choice for paper a wall

Colors:  This is the crux of Boho. The color pairing will achieve a Boho look in your bathroom. Do not hold back except for the coastal Boho style; tone down on the base colors and limit black to the minimum

Textures and Patterns: Boho is textures and patterns in abundance. Go mad, but keep it elegant

Light sources: Difficult for a bathroom, but different light sources, for example, skylights, can work well

Vintage or handmade: Any vintage or handmade items will add to the minimalistic Boho decor

Accessories: Bring them all, even if you have to stack them, stick them or hang them

Textile mixtures: Mix and match textiles such as embroideries, rugs, towels mats, and toilet covers

Material mixtures: From wood to iron and everything in-between. If it fits and has a purpose, bring it

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Comparing A Boho And Modern Style Bathroom

The standard or modern bathroom is generally highly clinical, with all porcelain and tiles. Furthermore, current trends will see particular hues prevalent for a short time before being changed. Even black restrooms were popular at one time.

All the pieces usually match, and they’re all sleek and straightforward because of the abundance of glass. In addition, copper and brass fittings and features have recently become an alternative to chrome fittings and components. Patterns are structured in lines and have little alterations from the underlying materials or colors.

The Boho bathroom is a mixture of everything else; however, preserve chic and elegance with limitless variations conducive to the bohemian styles and flavors. For example, wall color pallets are bright or softer jewel tones without clashing.

Boho has more natural or softer lighting options and different designs and patterns. You may find a variety of country-specific textiles and a mixture of furnishings. In addition, Boho bathrooms have plants and combinations of other natural elements such as handmade furniture pieces.

A Low-Cost Bohemian Bathroom

When shopping, you do not need a big budget to change to a Boho style bathroom décor, but it can be costly if you don’t plan and purchase unnecessary items. The bohemian style is exactly that, do with what you have but elegantly and stylishly. Spend only to allow the preservation of fashion and chicness.

Designing or decorating a bathroom from scratch will be less expensive than any modern bathroom. Indeed you already have most of the furnishings, and paint is cheaper than tiles. Add a potted plant or two and some wall art to create a laid-back Boho vibe.


The bohemian style is minimalist and has no set structure with various mix and match options; however, it is not a collection of random items bundled into one room. Instead, the Boho styles are elegant, chic, and stylish, but in an unstructured way.

In addition, the Coastal Boho Style is paring items and colors without clashing and using the bright white and softer Boho color tones with a beach and sea flavor as the base. After that, the versatility and limitless options of the traditional Boho décor apply.