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Can You Cook Broken Mussels?

You’re probably extremely excited to cook if you’ve recently purchased fresh mussels at the fish market or grocery store. However, you might notice that some of the mussels are broken. Now, this might have you wondering if you can cook …

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What To Do With Leftover Mussel Broth

Muscles are delicious seafood that is inexpensive and easy to cook. If you enjoy cooking and eating mussels, you’ve undoubtedly had some leftover mussel broth at one time or another. However, rather than tossing the leftover broth, you might consider …

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What Happens When You Overcook Mussels?

Mussels are easy to make and delicious. You can cook various seafood dishes using mussels, such as seafood chowder, paella, and seafood soup. However, when using mussels in a dish, it’s essential to cook them at the right time. So, …

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Do Blue Crabs Have To Be Cooked Alive?

If you are new to cooking blue crabs,  you might be at a loss for how to prepare them. You are probably aware that crabs are boiled alive, but is that the only way to cook them? Continue reading to …

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Is It Safe To Eat Blue Crabs?

Practically no one will turn down a good crab dish. Crab dishes are a favorite among many because of their irresistible and delectable taste. However, most people have only had crabs that are red in color. Is this to suggest …

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Can You Soak Mussels Overnight?

You might have heard that soaking mussels will help remove sand, grit, and salt from the meat and shell. Most recipes suggest soaking the mussels for a few hours. However, you might also consider soaking them overnight. Can you soak …

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Are Fresh Clams Salty?

Nothing is as delicious as a bowl of clam chowder or pasta topped with perfectly cooked clams. But, it’s worth knowing how to identify fresh clams if you’re attempting to make a clam recipe. So, are fresh clams salty? Fresh …

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How Long Do Fresh Clams Last On Ice?

Clams are delicious and can be used in many dishes, from pasta to chowder. So naturally, you only want the freshest clams for the best-tasting dishes when you buy clams. However, if you cannot use the clams immediately, you might …

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What Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Oysters?

Oysters are the ultimate beach vacation seafood: delicious, luxurious, and highly nutritious. But they’re often served loaded with butter, cream, and breadcrumbs, which is bad for the diet. What is the healthiest way to cook oysters? Steaming is the healthiest …

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Why Do People Eat Sea Urchins Alive?

There are countless weird and wonderful creatures that humans eat with a certain ferocity. Many strange foods that some of us would steer clear away from are considered delicacies. Some of these unusual creatures are eaten live, and while this …

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