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Are Mussels That Float OK To Eat?

You have sourced fresh mussels from your local fishmonger or collected them yourself and started to prepare them. Paying attention to how the mussels react when you clean or cook them in water can determine whether you will get to …

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Do You Chew Or Swallow Raw Clams?

Many people enjoy eating clams. However, many people are used to eating clams that are cooked and not raw. Therefore, if you have never eaten them raw, it is understandable if you’re unsure how to do so. But don’t worry, …

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How Do You Get The Water Out Of Scallops?

Scallops can make a delicious addition to any meal. Anybody who has tasted well-prepared scallops at a restaurant will testify to their crispy, golden crust and soft, sweet interior. However, when preparing them at home, you may have found different …

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Why Do You Soak Scallops In Milk?

Scallops are easy seafood to cook if you know how to do it correctly. However, some recipes require you to soak the scallops in milk before cooking them. Why must you soak scallops in milk? And how will it affect …

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Why Are My Scallops Rubbery?

Scallops are a beautiful ingredient to cook with. However, although they taste wonderful when done right, they have the potential to be rubbery if you cook them incorrectly. So, why are scallops sometimes rubbery when cooked? Scallops become rubbery as …

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Is Grilled Calamari Healthy?

Calamari is delicious seafood that many people enjoy around the world. Also known as squid, calamari can be served fried, steamed, boiled, or grilled. While all cooking methods aren’t equally healthy, you might be wondering if grilled calamari is healthy. …

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How Long Should Scallops Be Cooked For On Each Side?

Scallops are viewed as a true delicacy in the culinary world. Their taste and texture make them a delicious seafood option for nearly any dish. However, you can easily cook scallops at home for a quick and easy seafood meal. …

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How To Cook Oysters In The Shell On The Stove

Oysters are delicious mollusks that can be eaten in various ways. Although some people eat raw oysters, others prefer them cooked to kill any potentially harmful bacteria. So, how do you cook oysters in the shell on the stove? You …

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Do You Boil Squid Before Frying?

Squid, although delicious, is challenging to cook. Because squid becomes extremely tough and unpleasant when cooked incorrectly, many people don’t dare to cook squid at home. However, those who do, have many options to consider. One of them is whether …

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Should You Serve Shrimp Cocktail On Ice?

Serving a classic shrimp cocktail at a function or party is a pared-down yet special appetizer that your guests are bound to love. As far as finger foods go, it’s a nutritious option too. This elegant dish calls for simplistic …

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