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Does Shrimp Cocktail Have Alcohol?

Considered a staple appetizer of al la carte and fine dining restaurant menus, a shrimp cocktail is an excellent way to start a meal. However, does a shrimp cocktail contain alcohol? Shrimp cocktails do not contain alcohol; instead, the shrimp …

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How Many Shrimps Per Gallon?

Freshwater shrimp keeping or breeding may not be an intuitive skill, but that shouldn’t discourage beginners from joining the hobby. One of the first problems to avoid is overpopulating your aquarium. You can prevent this by determining how many shrimps …

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Where Is The Heart Of A Shrimp Located?

You can get a few things as messy and delicious as the buttered shrimp from your favorite seafood restaurant. Understanding the anatomy of these small creatures that always seem to be moving can help you enjoy them fully, with many …

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Can You Eat Shrimp Tails?

Are you a seafood lover? Do you ever wonder, “can you eat shrimp tails?” Some restaurants leave them on when serving a dish, but many remove the tails first. So, if you have never eaten shrimp tails, you may wonder …

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Why Do Prawns Go Mushy?

While prawns may not be everyone’s favorite, they are, without a doubt, a delicacy for some. If you’re a prawn fan, you know they may be a bit pricey, making the disappointment much greater when you discover that they are …

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Mantis Shrimp Vs. Pistol Shrimp

Why are people so fascinated by the mantis shrimp and its opponent, the pistol shrimp? The mantis shrimp and the pistol shrimp are both fascinating creatures but have very different abilities. So, what shrimp will be superior? Mantis shrimps are …

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Can You Eat Shrimp Eyes?

Shrimp is just one of those foods. So many people love it; it can be used for many dishes with exquisite flavors. However, shrimp is not the cheapest food, so wasting some of it is not something most people want …

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Can Vegetarians Eat Shrimp?

There are many misconceptions regarding vegetarianism. It can be confusing for new folks to keep track of the different vegetarian classifications and the “to-eat and no-to-eat” list. The most common confusion about vegetarianism lies in the seafood category. Are vegetarians …

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Why Do Prawns Change Color?

Are you wondering what causes prawns to change color? If you’ve ever bought and cooked prawns, you’ll know their color changes as they cook. Why does this happen? And are there any reasons why raw prawns would change color? Prawns …

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What Happens When You Don’t Devein Shrimp?

Have you heard that you should devein a shrimp before eating it? While seafood is delicious, it isn’t always the easiest to cook with. Shrimp is no exception, as you have shells and veins to deal with before eating it. …

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