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Can Crabs Live Out Of Water?

Crabs are fascinating creatures with their signature claws and ability to be both in and out of water. If you go to the beach, you’re more than likely to see them crawling in and around tidal pools, and it may …

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Barnacles On Crab Legs

Americans have mastered the best methods to prepare and cook crab. This delectable dish can be found in many seafood restaurants throughout the U.S. Crab meat is noted for its sweet, delicate flavor and tender texture. But what if you …

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Are Dead Crabs Safe To Eat?

Crabs are a delicacy for many people. Crab meat’s light, flaky texture has a taste unlike anything you may have tasted before. However, crab is best when prepared fresh and even better when you catch them straight out of the …

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What Does Lobster Taste Like?

Trying lobster for the first time can be pretty daunting. Not only will you have to navigate around this creature’s magnificent hard shell to get to the meat, but the price tag is hard to ignore, making this taste test …

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Do Lobsters Lay Eggs?

Most people are familiar with how dogs, cats, and chickens reproduce. Right from small children sees picture books showing chickens hatching from eggs. There are some animals whose reproduction is not commonly discussed. One of these is lobsters. Most people …

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When Should You Not Eat An Oyster?

Many oyster lovers have suppressed their craving for this delicacy at some point based on the time of year. All because of a recommendation believed to have been uttered by William Butler (1535-1618). It also appeared in an English cookbook, …

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Is Lobster Considered A Fish?

Lobsters are a colorful type of shellfish widely known as delicious seafood, which most consider a tasty, and for the most part quite pricey, treat. Although lobsters are considered a seafood delicacy and a type of shellfish, this does not …

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How Many Legs Do Lobsters Have?

When you think of a lobster meal, you probably think of the claws and knuckles–exceptionally flavorful and soft. But what about the legs? Many people forget about them, yet this is where you snack on the last bit of goodness. …

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How Long Does Fresh Clam Juice Last In Fridge?

Fresh clam juice can be poisonous if not stored correctly in the fridge. Before you purchase fresh clam juice, check the sell-by date to see if the clam juice is still edible or if it has expired. If you made …

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How Long Is The Crab Season?

Crab, if prepared correctly, can be one of the most delicious additions to your table. However, as most of us know, the best-tasting crab is usually the freshest, and if you’re looking to catch or buy crab, you may want …

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