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Are Jute Rugs Good For Beach House?

Choosing the right rug for your beach house is crucial to get the proper relaxed holiday feel and has some practical considerations. With its natural, outdoorsy vibe, jute rugs come to mind and beg the question: are jute rugs good …

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Best Doormat For Beach Sand

It’s difficult to envision a drawback to going to the beach, but if there is one, it’s undoubtedly having sand caught in everything. So despite our love of beach hair, beachy drinks, and creating a beach house ambiance at home, …

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Boho Beach House Exterior

If you’re looking for a beach house with a relaxed, bohemian vibe, then a Boho Beach house is precisely what you need. These homes are brightly colored with a mix of patterns and textures. The exterior of a Boho beach …

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Can Black Be Used In Coastal Decor?

When you think about coastal décor, many people picture the same traditional ‘beachy’ color combinations, usually involving shades of blues and sandy whites. Paging through décor magazines or scrolling through interior design websites can sometimes feel like all you see …

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What Is Coastal Chic?

Looking for the perfect style of decor to make your home feel like a vacation? Coastal chic may be the answer. If you have looked to Pinterest or social media for inspiration, you may have seen it trending. But with …

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Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

You can bring elements of calm and relaxation into your living room with modern coastal-themed designs. These coastal themes are popular because of their clean-cut and straightforward designs. We have the best modern coastal ideas to share with you! There …

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Beach-Style Bedside Lamps

A beach-style interior is soothing and serene, whether your home is at the coast or not. Seaside colors, textures, and imagery create the impression of being on vacation. One way to express this coastal aesthetic is through your choice of …

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Luxury Beach House Interior Design

Designing the inside of your luxury beach house can be quite a daunting task. From the color to the furniture and lighting – this is no easy task. There are, however, a few common ideas about what to include to …

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Coastal Boho Bathroom

The Bohemian décor style has always been popular in creating the relaxed minimalistic, yet chic and colorful ambiance in many homes. However, bathrooms are always last in line with design or décor because they are the smaller and more private …

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Best Coastal Front Door Colors

Whether your beach house is for holidays, retirement, or home, the front door’s color immediately sets the tone for your stay. You’ll want to welcome guests, give your home curb appeal and reflect the unique beach location. What are the …

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