Why Do Coastal Areas Get More Rain 00

Why Do Coastal Areas Get More Rain?

Even if you plan your beach holiday around the dry and rainy seasons, there’s always a chance of rain at the coast. Some areas get lots more rain than others. Have you ever wondered why it rains more at the …

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Does Steel Rust in Salt Water 00

Does Steel Rust In Salt Water?

If you have ever left a steel item outside, you have probably already witnessed the speed of rust, add saltwater to the equation, and you have an acceleration of corrosion.  How does it happen, and what is the cause? Let’s …

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Are There Worms in Beach Sand 00

Are There Worms In Beach Sand?

Everyone loves going to the beach during the summer, but some worms and organisms like to hang out in the sand, and you could be infected if you don’t know what they are. We investigate which kinds of worms and …

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Why Sand At The Beach Is So Hot 00

Why Sand At The Beach Is So Hot

Have you ever seen grown folks hopping around the sand like stepping over Lego pieces on the floor in beachwear? Then you have most likely wondered why the sand at the beach can often get so stunningly hot. Sand has …

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What Flowers Are Beachy 00

What Flowers Are Beachy?

To get that relaxed seaside look in your garden, you need to pick the flowers that will give you a beachy feel with the use of texture, color, and contrasting shapes. Coastal gardens usually have a relaxed, informal look and …

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7 Oldest Beaches In The World 00

7 Oldest Beaches In The World

The coastlines of the world are continually changing. Powerful waves sweep the sands of ocean floors onto dry land. They erode shoreline rocks into sand taken into the ocean depths. The beaches where dinosaurs and Neanderthal men walked are now …

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Why Are Coastal Towns Warmer In The Winter 00

Why Are Coastal Towns Warmer In The Winter?

There is nothing like escaping the frigid inland weather and going to the coast to wake up early to stand with your feet in the sand, peering into the sunrise, smelling the fresh ocean breeze, waiting for the first warm …

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What Is The Hottest Place In The Mediterranean 00

What Is The Hottest Place In The Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It has beautiful beaches, historical sites, and divine food. The weather around the Mediterranean is warm and pleasant almost all year round, making it worth the trip …

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Are coastal cities warmer 00

Are Coastal Cities Warmer?

Coastal cities often paint a picture of beautiful people, sunshine, and great food. Visiting your beach house a few times a year may give you a different experience to coastal city residents. A lifetime of coastal living has taught me …

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Why Is Rusting Common In Coastal Areas 00

Why Is Rusting Common In Coastal Areas?

Everyone’s seen them – the old cars with unsightly, corroded bodies standing in coastal parking lots, the metal windowpanes flaking in seaside cottages. Iron and steel seem to rust more rapidly in coastal areas than inland, and people living there …

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