What Does The Beach Smell Like 00

What Does The Beach Smell Like?

It is incredible how we can associate smells with places and trigger memories. Often those smells transport you to happy moments, sometimes even sad. The smell of the beach always jogged my memory of building sandcastles and eating sandwiches. It …

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How Deep Is The Sand On The Beach 00

How Deep Is The Sand On The Beach?

There are times when you are going about your daily routine, enjoying life, and suddenly a thought appears! For instance, “I wonder how deep the sand on the beach is.”  So, for the interest of curiosity, read on as we …

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Why Is Beach Water Brown 00

Why Is Beach Water Brown?

We have come to associate clean ocean water with blue or green in color. In some parts of the world, it is crystal clear. While in other regions, it is somewhat murky. But clean ocean water is always blue or …

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What Makes A Beach Good 00

What Makes A Beach Good?

There are very few things better than heading down to a good beach. Synonymous with summer, warm weather, holidays, and good times with better friends, it’s easy to understand why many people opt for a beach holiday. But not all …

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Do All Beaches Have Waves 00

Do All Beaches Have Waves?

Going to the beach is always a wonderful experience. The calming rhythm of the waves as they come rolling onto the shore is enough to bring relaxation levels up by a few notches. I noticed that some beaches have fewer …

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Why Is Ocean Water Always So Cold 00

Why Is Ocean Water Always So Cold?

People have always been attracted to the ocean. It provides us with food, recreation, and time spent along the coast feeds our souls. Although we love the sea, one of our challenges is that first dip in the sea that …

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Why Is It More Humid At The Beach 00

Why Is It More Humid At The Beach?

It is lovely to walk at the beach, but sometimes the humidity can make it uncomfortable. People who live in coastal towns know the challenge of drying laundry and keeping mold at bay due to the high humidity in the …

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Why Are Beaches Always So Windy 00

Why Are Beaches Always So Windy?

A relaxing day on the beach could be just what you need to unwind and destress, but sometimes it is not so pleasant. Beaches are always windy, and sometimes the wind can be so strong that it is downright unpleasant …

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Why Do Some Beaches Have Black Sand 00

Why Do Some Beaches Have Black Sand?

Ever wondered why some beaches have black beach sand and others don’t? Some black sand comes from volcanic activity near the coastline. When hot lava mixes with cold seawater, the lava will become hard and shatter into tiny little pieces. …

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Does It Ever Snow At The Beach 00

Does It Ever Snow At The Beach?

If you enjoy off-roading, you probably also want the challenge that different types of terrain provide you with. Off-roading on snow that has fallen on top of beach sands may be quite an intense challenge that may test and improve …

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