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What To Wear To The Beach If You’re Not Swimming

Somedays you want to go to the beach just to enjoy the lovely sunshine but don’t want to swim, what type of outfits should you wear? Can you enjoy the beach without swimming? Yes, you can! This article looks at …

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How Much Is Too Much For A Swimsuit?

While you can get a cheap $20 swimsuit at Target, the chances of it lasting more than a few beach trips are slim. But then you also get a swimsuit that costs $300 or more, which might seem like a …

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Why Do Guys Wear Sarongs?

Sarongs are worn by guys in many countries worldwide, not only in Asian countries where the sarong originates. Even though today they are regularly seen on beaches and around pools in the US, some people may be surprised to learn …

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Can You Get A Swimsuit Altered/Tailored?

Summertime calls for swimsuits. However, you may notice that last year’s swimsuit doesn’t fit you as well anymore or that your new swimsuit doesn’t look the same at home as it did in the store. So, if you love your …

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Will A Swimsuit Expand In Water?

Swimming in the sea off a public beach is tremendous fun, as we all know, but until recently, I could not rid my daughter of the fear that she would lose her swimsuit. It wasn’t the waves that bothered her …

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Why Does My Swimsuit Have White Spots?

Summer arrived, and you could not get your swimsuit from the back of the closest soon enough to jump in it and hit the beach. You put it on and realize that something is off. There are unknown white spots …

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Why Are Swimsuits So Uncomfortable?

Shopping for a swimsuit should have you dreaming about fun-filled hours at the beach or long, lazy days around the pool. However, if the thought of trying on swimsuit after swimsuit in the hope of finding something moderately flattering fills …

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How Long Do Speedo Swimsuits Last?

Speedo is a leading swimsuit brand but comes with an impressive price tag. If you decide to invest in a Speedo swimsuit, you’ll probably want to know how long your investment is good for. So, how long do Speedo swimsuits …

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Can You Screen Print On Beach Towels?

It’s pretty weird what runs through your head when lying on the beach under a hot sun. You hover between dozing and full sleep, and your mind takes over, going down alleys you would never bother with under normal circumstances. …

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How To Know If Your Swimsuit Is Too Small

Although summer is a much anticipated time of year that conjures up thoughts of the sea, sand, backyard barbecues, and ice cream, it is also the dreaded annual time of pulling your swimsuit out from the back of your drawer …

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