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Can You Use A Bodysuit As A Swimsuit?

Any fashion lover understands how amazing it feels for their clothing to be used in several situations. Suppose you’re a fan of bodysuits, which are for sure a fashion staple. In that case, you may ask yourself, “Can I use …

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Does Wearing A Hat In Summer Make You Hotter?

When the weather is chilly, one naturally puts on a wooly hat to stay warm. However, if wearing a hat keeps heat in, wouldn’t wearing any sort of head covering make you feel hotter in summer? This is a hotly …

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What To Wear On An Evening Beach Date

Beach dates are a fantastic idea. Beaches have been a prime spot for romantic proposals for many years. However, dressing for an evening beach date can be somewhat challenging. Suppose you want to look stylish and romantic without being terribly …

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Do You Need Polarized Sunglasses For The Beach?

When going to the beach, there are a few things you should pack. Sunglasses are certainly one of those things. Sunglasses are essential for the beach to protect your eyes and keep you looking good. However, do you need polarized …

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What Material Is Best For A Beach Bag?

Beach bags are a must, especially if you live near a beach or spend all your free time on the shore. However, using a standard, everyday tote bag won’t make the cut, as they might not serve you for as …

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Why Do People Wear Jeans At The Beach?

When you think of the beach, it’s easy to conjure up images of swim trunks, bikinis, t-shirts, and shorts – but what about jeans? While I’m sure most of us frequent the beach with breathable clothes that dry quickly, some …

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What Color Sun Hat Is Best?

If you love spending your summers going to the beach, working in the garden, or just sunbathing, you probably have a sun hat ready to go! However, perhaps you do not have a sunhat, or you have one but noticed …

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Can You Wear Leggings On The Beach?

While packing for my beach holiday this summer, I realized I didn’t own many beach outfits or bikinis. Staring at my suitcase full of jeans, hoodies, and tights, I wondered whether it was acceptable to wear leggings on the beach? …

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Can You Wear Wedges To The Beach?

Nothing says you’re enjoying your vacation like strolling down the beach in a pair of beautiful wedge sandals to pair with your brand new bikini! Wedges are the perfect stable for hitting the beach or simply going for a weak …

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Can You Wear A Suit To A Beach Wedding?

Summer is wedding season, and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive an invitation to a beach wedding. The dress code may say “beach wedding attire,” but does this mean shorts and sandals or something more formal? Can you wear a suit …

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