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Best Beach Chair With Canopy

Nothing is as blissful as relaxing in a beach chair with your feet buried in the warm sand and listening to the sound of crashing waves. Choosing the perfect beach chair should be part of the exciting build-up to the …

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Best Coastal Accent Chairs

An accent chair is a wonderful addition to the living area. The right accent chair can complete a room, setting the tone for the style you are going for while providing extra seating and a striking focal point. What’s not …

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Why Are Beach Chairs Lower?

Trying out a beach chair when you are not on the sand may make you wonder why anyone would choose to sit in such a low chair. But it all makes perfect sense when you are nestled in the soft, …

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Beach-Style Bedside Lamps

A beach-style interior is soothing and serene, whether your home is at the coast or not. Seaside colors, textures, and imagery create the impression of being on vacation. One way to express this coastal aesthetic is through your choice of …

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Beach-Fabric Accent Chairs

Beach-fabric accent chairs are an easy way to introduce a coastal aesthetic to your home. Selecting accent chairs is tremendous fun but can also be challenging as there are endless beach-fabric chairs available in every style and size. Let’s look …

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Boho Beach Style Furniture

Your home should be your own idea of an oasis. And there is no better way to achieve this than decorating your home with boho beach-style furniture. This style is a unique mix of the eclectic, whimsical aesthetic of bohemian …

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How Do You Clean A Sunlounger?

There’s nothing better than spending those hot summer days on your favorite sunlounger with an ice-cold drink in your hand. However, over time, your outdoor furniture, including your sunlounger, can get ruined by the rain and sun. You can’t do …

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Are Wooden Sun Loungers Comfortable?

When you lay next to your pool on your favorite sun lounger, it only makes sense that you want to remain as comfortable as possible. Of course, you want the perfect balance of durability and comfortability. Are wooden sun loungers …

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What Is The Weight Limit For ‘Life Is Good’ Beach Chairs?

When it comes down to beach chairs, few do it better than ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs. These reclining chairs feature oversized cup holders, detachable coolers, adjustable headrests, and more. However, many consumers have found themselves wondering about the weight …

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Is Rattan Beachy?

Rattan furniture saw a stylish comeback in recent home and design magazines, and we’re here for it! Rattan, wicker, and woven cane is no longer dull or dated; instead, it’s a highly sought-after furniture style. Because of its light color …

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