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How To Remove Rust From Wicker Furniture

Wicker remains a popular furniture choice even after decades, but it’s essential to maintain them, especially if they are outside. Some of my wicker furniture consists of metal and wicker, and rust can rear its ugly head after a few …

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Is Wicker Coastal 00

Is Wicker Coastal?

Many pieces of beautiful wicker furniture feature in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, and cafes.  Wicker always looks modern and fashionable in these settings.  It somehow always invokes a feeling of nostalgia with memories from seaside holidays and lazy days in …

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Is leather furniture hot in the summer 00

Is Leather Furniture Hot In The Summer?

When considering furniture, especially during summertime, the first question many people wonder about is whether leather furniture is a viable option. It’s an essential question because it affects an integral part of how we live, where we rest after a …

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Best Type Of Couch For A Beach House 00

Best Type Of Couch For A Beach House

After returning home from a long and hot day at the beach, there is nothing more relaxing than heading straight to the comfort of a couch!  When decorating a beach house, selecting the best couch for your home is crucial.  …

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Is Leather Good for a Beach House 00

Is Leather Good For A Beach House?

Beach houses tend to have their own set of requirements when it comes to the materials used inside and outside the house. This is due to the unique weather conditions, as well as the unique lifestyle associated with spending time …

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Best Upholstery Fabric For Beach House 00

Best Upholstery Fabric For A Beach House

I was now ready to leave behind the stresses of city life and move into my beach house. A new start meant new furniture. ” If only I had the budget!”. Plan B was to revamp these tired couches by …

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Best Outdoor Furniture For A Beach House 00

Best Outdoor Furniture For A Beach House

Seas side life is filled with sun, salt, ocean water, and sea air — all the things we want for our time at the beach house. But these conditions are not so great for furniture. Outdoor furniture at a beach house …

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What Is The Best Furniture For A Beach House 00

What Is The Best Furniture For A Beach House?

What could be better than a relaxing stay at your beach house where the décor makes you feel like you’re on vacation the moment you step through the door? Well, it helps if you know that you won’t have to worry …

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Best Fabric For Beach House Sofa 00

Best Fabric For A Beach House Sofa

When decorating your beach house, you may want a light and airy décor that reflects the environment. People often choose light fabrics that instill a sense of calm and peace. But what is not that peaceful is a fabric that …

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