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Is Honolulu Bike Friendly?

Editorial credit: 1000 Words / Honolulu, Hawaii, is a beautiful place to enjoy and experience nature at its best. It is the perfect location for a vacation. If you are considering going to Honolulu and love biking, you might …

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Can A Jet Ski Capsize?

Jet skis provide an adrenaline rush like few other water-born sporting equipment can. Their ability to fly out of water holes and jump over wakes while turning very sharply onto their wakes makes these vessels incredibly versatile. It also makes …

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Is Beach Volleyball Harder Than Indoor?

You have undoubtedly heard of volleyball if you’re a big outdoors fan. While most people play volleyball on the beach, some fall so deeply in love with this sport that they take it indoors, allowing them to play during any …

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How Long Is The Crab Season?

Crab, if prepared correctly, can be one of the most delicious additions to your table. However, as most of us know, the best-tasting crab is usually the freshest, and if you’re looking to catch or buy crab, you may want …

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How Long Can You Scuba Dive For?

This question may seem deceivingly straightforward, but the answer is surprisingly far more complex. Scuba diving is undertaken for various reasons. The same rules will apply whether a person is diving commercially or recreationally. There may, however, be differences where …

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Can You Get Mussels On Scuba?

Mussels are incredible creatures that have a filtration effect on the water. Zebra mussels filter one quart of water daily, which considerably clears up the water and improves diving conditions. Unfortunately,  Zebra mussels reproduce so quickly and prolifically that they …

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Do Crab Snares Work On Blue Crabs?

If you intend to go crabbing during the “on” season, it can be great fun and is an activity with which the whole family can join. Check the local regulations on whether a license is required and what the catch …

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Can You Use Mussels For Bait?

Mussels used to be a common bait for the anglers of generations past. Yet, the time-consuming nature of harvesting and preparing mussels for the hook fell to the wayside as cheaper and more readily available alternatives like squid, mackerel, and …

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Best Beginner Surf Spots On The East Coast

Surfing and catching the best waves are a thrill. But when you are a beginner surfer, you need gentle smaller waves to ease into it. It’s an excellent idea to learn how to surf at a beach where the waves …

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Why Do Surfers Wear Hats?

If visiting the beach on those pleasant summer days is one of your favorite activities, you may have noticed surfers constantly wearing hats on the beach and while they are surfing. Do surfers have to wear hats while they are …

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