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Which Lasts Longer Foam Or Spring Mattress?

Since we sleep for a big part of our lives, the right mattress can significantly impact the quality of our work and relationships. Sure, they aren’t always cheap, but I’m sure we can agree that compromising sleep quality is a …

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How To Remove Rust From Wicker Furniture

Wicker remains a popular furniture choice even after decades, but it’s essential to maintain them, especially if they are outside. Some of my wicker furniture consists of metal and wicker, and rust can rear its ugly head after a few …

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How Do You Clean A Beach House?

A beach house is everyone’s dream, located next to the ocean with lots of sun and white sandy beaches. However, sand and salt can endanger your beach house. If your beach house is near the shoreline, it regularly requires thorough …

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Best Sliding Glass Doors For A Beach House

A beach house is a magical place where summertime memories come to life. The things we attach emotions are often the things we remember, like a beautiful sunset through a beach house window! My beach house has sliding doors, and …

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Is Sand Bad for Shower Drains 00

Is Sand Bad For Shower Drains?

Everyone loves a fun day on a white sandy beach, but we don’t love the beach sand following us home. When we get home, the first thing everyone does is jump in the shower to rinse the sand and salt …

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Why Are Beach Houses Not Made Of Brick 00

Why Are Beach Houses Not Made Of Brick?

Searching for the perfect piece of vacant land in your favorite beachside town or city with the idea of building a beach house may be the fulfillment of a life-long dream. This dream, however, can turn into a nightmare if …

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What Is The Best Metal For Coastal Areas 00

What Is The Best Metal For Coastal Areas?

When you are looking to renovate your house by the coast or have bought a plot of land where you plan to build a house, you need to know what will work. A common issue with coastal areas is the …

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How Do You Control Humidity in a Beach house 00

How Do You Control Humidity In A Beach house?

Most people dream of owning a beach house, but that beach house can soon turn into a nightmare if you are unsuccessful in controlling the ever-present humidity near the coast. Preventing that closed-house unpleasant smell from long periods during which …

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How Do I Keep Mice Out of My Beach House 00

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Beach House?

There isn’t a state in the US that doesn’t have a rodent problem, and that goes for coastlines as well. Everyone hates these pests invading our homes. This article looks at ways to stop mice from invading your beach house. …

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What Kind of Wood is Used for Beach Houses 00

What Kind Of Wood Is Used For Beach Houses?

Nothing matches the joy of living in a beach house, watching the sunrise while the waves are lapping on the shore. However, beach houses have specific requirements for the kind of wood used in their construction. This article looks at …

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