Is Jute Good For Beach House 00

Is Jute Good For Beach House?

As a natural fiber made from the jute plant, jute has many uses because it is tough and versatile. It doesn’t stretch like other fabrics and is relatively inexpensive. After cotton, it is the most important vegetable fiber known to …

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Why Do Beach Houses Smell 00

Why Do Beach Houses Smell?

While many of us may dream of vacationing or living in a beach house, there is one aspect of beach house living that we may not enjoy as much as the sound of the ocean. The smell. There may be …

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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A House On Stilts 00

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A House On Stilts?

Since 1980, hurricanes in the US have caused approximately $21.5 billion damage per event, with storm surge accounting for the most significant portion of that damage in coastal areas. Lifting your house goes a long way toward mitigating the effect …

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Are Aluminium windows suitable for coastal areas 00

Are Aluminium Windows Suitable For Coastal Areas?

Whether you’re a permanent coastal resident or beach house owner looking to try aluminum windows, know that it will significantly impact your living experience. My coastal area experiences include erratic weather, costly mistakes, and intelligent decision-making that saved me time …

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Beach House 00

How Long Does It Take To Build A Beach House?

Building a home is an exciting project almost everyone wishes they could experience. It takes a bit of work finding a suitable location, enlisting architects and contractors, and choosing the materials you want for your home. Building a beach house …

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What Type Of Metal Is Best For Salt Water 00

What Type Of Metal Is Best For Salt Water?

Living at, or having a boat, at the coast conjures up pictures of different things for different folks, but most of them will be positive, like sun-kissed beaches, fresh fish, surfing, and paddle-boarding. On the flip side (there’s always a …

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What is Florida coastal style 00

What Is Florida Coastal Style?

So, you have a beautiful beach house or cottage in Florida, and you’re looking to decorate? Decorating the Florida-way will be great fun! Speaking from experience, you can expect warm oranges, palmy greens, and ocean blues on your soon-to-be favorite …

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Is leather furniture hot in the summer 00

Is Leather Furniture Hot In The Summer?

When considering furniture, especially during summertime, the first question many people wonder about is whether leather furniture is a viable option. It’s an essential question because it affects an integral part of how we live, where we rest after a …

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How Long Does A Roof Last At The Beach 00

How Long Does A Roof Last At The Beach?

Whether you are building a new home at the coast or simply deciding to renovate your existing house, you may be wondering how much a new roof is going to cost you, and subsequently, how long would your new roof …

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Why are coastal houses white 00

Why Are Coastal Houses White?

I know this will sound pretentious, but I had the misfortune to be stuck on an island in Greece for much of the pandemic. Rhodes, it was, which after the initial thrill of being on a semi-permanent vacation wore off, …

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