Best Outdoor Furniture For A Beach House 00

Best Outdoor Furniture For A Beach House

Seas side life is filled with sun, salt, ocean water, and sea air — all the things we want for our time at the beach house. But these conditions are not so great for furniture. Outdoor furniture at a beach house …

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Salt Resistant Building Materials 00

Salt Resistant Building Materials

Building a new house is an exciting endeavor. That is until you realize that your Tequila sunset balcony may be at risk of corrosion all because of that darn saltwater! While many materials can withstand corrosion, the most common building …

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What Is The Best Furniture For A Beach House 00

What Is The Best Furniture For A Beach House?

What could be better than a relaxing stay at your beach house where the d├ęcor makes you feel like you’re on vacation the moment you step through the door? Well, it helps if you know that you won’t have to worry …

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Is A Beach Property A Good Investment 00

Is A Beach Property A Good Investment

With any property investment, the goal is to generate passive recurring revenue from rentals and either use the property as a nest egg to fund further travels or retirement or pay it off and then retire the property in the …

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Types of Coastal Design Styles 00

Types of Coastal Design Styles

If you are looking to decorate and create a lovely coastal-style home; whether it be a beach house or not, you may be wondering where to start and what will complement and contribute to achieving this particular style. So, what …

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Best Material For Beach House 00 1

What Is The Best Material For A Beach House?

Beach houses have particular requirements when it comes to the materials which can be used successfully. This is because the materials used in areas away from the coast cannot withstand the harsh conditions of the coast. Because the coast is …

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Are Beach Rental Properties a Good Investment 00

Are Beach Rental Properties A Good Investment?

Beautiful coastal sunsets. Waking up with the sound of waves crashing gently into the shore and the smell of the sea in the air. Sitting outside on the patio, with a drink, good friends, and the sound of laughter in …

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What Type of Foundation is Best for a Beachfront House 00

What Type Of Foundation Is Best For A Beachfront House?

Beachfront homes have specific requirements in terms of many aspects of their construction. This includes the physical building materials as well as other aspects of construction such as walls and foundations. This is due to the climatic conditions associated with …

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Is Bamboo Flooring Good for A Beach House 00

Is Bamboo Flooring Good For A Beach House?

I love the look of bamboo floors, but when choosing the best flooring options for a contemporary beach house, I had to ask myself if bamboo was suitable for my needs. The last thing I wanted to do was go …

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Best Insulation for a Beach House 01

Best Insulation For A Beach House

Beach houses are different from houses further away from the coast in that they have to withstand exceptional weather. Storms, humidity, and extreme winds are common occurrences, and this can cause havoc with the building and its ability to remain …

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