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Boho Beach House Exterior

If you’re looking for a beach house with a relaxed, bohemian vibe, then a Boho Beach house is precisely what you need. These homes are brightly colored with a mix of patterns and textures. The exterior of a Boho beach …

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What Size Are Beach Huts?

Beach huts are brilliant little boxes that offer an unforgettable beach experience! You might want to purchase one yourself or learn more about them as a potential for vacation, or perhaps you’re looking to invest. Before I got my own, …

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What Is An Affordable Decking For Coast?

Living in a coastal area provides endless days of beautiful beach views and summer fun. However, as with all places, living in coastal areas has a few issues. One such issue is the type of decking you can use when …

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Beach House Screened Porches

When Emma from North Carolina decided it was time to upgrade the porch on her beach house, she discovered it would be a tremendous job. Not only would the porch floor need to be raised so she could extend the …

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Best Exterior Doors For Coastal Areas

Beautiful azure blue seas and the breath of fresh air is just a few reasons why many opt for coastal living. As appealing as this sounds, there is also the issue of moisture-fraught air, harsh elements of nature, sand, and …

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Do Beach Houses Have Fireplaces?

During winter, everyone loves to gather around a fireplace and enjoy something hot to drink. But what if you are living in a beach house? We typically think of beaches as warm and sunny. However, when the sun goes down, …

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Should You Build A Beach House?

Building a house on the beach is a dream many of us have, but unfortunately, we don’t all have the opportunity to do it. Whether you are planning on staying in your beach house, using it as an Airbnb, or …

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Best Roof Color For A Beach House

Choosing the color for a beach house roof is a big decision. Color is subjective, especially when it comes to a person’s home. Coastal properties need to deal with additional stresses that urban houses don’t. The variable coastal weather is …

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How Long Do HVAC Systems Last At The Beach?

Over the past few years, HVAC systems have become necessary in most US households because nothing beats walking into a warm, comfy home on a cold winter’s night or a cool, breezy one when it is scorching outside. However, the …

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