Beachfront And Oceanfront 00

What Is The Difference Between Beachfront And Oceanfront?

Although they sound like the same thing, and one may consider them interchangeable, there is in fact a distinctive difference between beachfront and oceanfront housing or accommodation. Things to consider when looking at buying your desired house or searching for …

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Why is the Hamptons Style so Popular 00

Why Is The Hamptons Style So Popular?

If you’re like me on a normal day: just scrolling through some social media posts and blog feeds, and you have seen the Hamptons Interior Design Style for the umpteenth time. It causes one to stop and try to figure …

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Can You Mix Contemporary With Coastal 00

Can You Mix Contemporary With Coastal?

There are specific rules and parameters to follow when it comes to traditional interior design styles if you are hoping to achieve a particular look. However, the great thing about designing and playing around with the styling of your own …

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What Makes A Beach House Unique 00

What Makes A Beach House Unique?

Owning a beach house means you are a pretty lucky individual as you either have the relaxation and beauty of living at the coast or are fortunate enough to own a second home in a beach location. These wonderful slices …

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Why Are Beach Houses Colorful 01

Why Are Beach Houses Colorful?

From coast to coast spanning across the globe, we find colorful beach houses. People have been metaphorically painting their towns red for hundreds, possibly even thousands of years. Brightly painted coastal homes can be found from South America to Europe …

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Are Beach Houses Supposed To Sway 00

Are Beach Houses Supposed To Sway?

Beach houses are the places we go to when we want to relax and escape the chaotic life in the city or the suburbs, but sometimes even our beach houses can come with a couple of dangers. If you have …

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Why Do Beach Houses Not Have Gutters 00

Why Do Beach Houses Not Have Gutters?

If you have ever driven around certain communities, you should have noticed that most houses have gutters. Some houses, however, do not. Someone may have told you before that beach houses do not require gutters, but that is not necessarily …

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Why Do Beach Houses Have Owls 00

Why Do Beach Houses Have Owls?

Beach houses have owls to deter pests. Similar to farmers using scarecrows, owl statues are put up to keep away rats, rabbits, sparrows, pigeons, and the occasional crow.  The size of the statue and its positioning impacts its effectiveness. There is debate if they work long-term, however.

Best Colors For Beach Houses 00

Best Colors For Beach Houses

The best colors for beach houses reflect what you see while soaking up the sun, like shades of blue, green, beige, or orange. If you are looking to incorporate the best colors for the interior and exterior of your beach house, highlighting the coastal color palette into your home will bring you a sense of peace.