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What Flowers Grow Near The Ocean?

Salty sea breezes, sandy soil, and strong winds at the coastline present a challenge for any seaside garden. If you live by the ocean and are unsure what flowers to plant, look no further; this article discusses plants adapted to …

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How To Get Rid Of Sandspurs In Coastal Areas

The summer season is an exciting time for enjoying nature’s gifts, but sandspurs are rarely considered one of them! I find that they can be a nightmare when the dog brings them into the house or when they send a …

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What Flowers Are Beachy 00

What Flowers Are Beachy?

To get that relaxed seaside look in your garden, you need to pick the flowers that will give you a beachy feel with the use of texture, color, and contrasting shapes. Coastal gardens usually have a relaxed, informal look and …

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Salt And Wind Tolerant Plants For Coastal Living

Growing a coastal garden seems relatively easy until you consider the challenging environment the plants have to survive. Coastal plants are some of the hardiest available and generally withstand most salt and wind conditions. Common salt and wind tolerant plants …

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Fruits That Grow In Sandy Soil 00

Fruits That Grow In Sandy Soil

The three basic types of soil are sandy, loam, and clay. Most areas have a mixture of these three types in varying quantities, but in the case of sandy soil, the sand predominates. Don’t despair if you have sandy soil …

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What Is the Most Common Threat To Beach Plants 00

What Is The Most Common Threat To Beach Plants?

The hardiest of plants make their homes amongst the upper reaches of the beach, where they anchor the shifting sands and champion the dune’s valiant efforts to hold the sea at bay. While these plants are commendable for their rugged …

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Low Maintenance Coastal Landscaping 00

Low Maintenance Coastal Landscaping: Is It Possible?

The coast offers a beautiful but challenging space for landscaping. Sandy, nutrient-poor soils, harsh, salty winds, and high humidity can easily frustrate our efforts to establish and maintain an attractive coastal landscape design. This means that a low-maintenance approach is …

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Trees That Grow In Sandy Soil 00

Trees That Grow In Sandy Soil

All trees deserve the best conditions possible to grow and thrive. Trees provide food and shelter to humans and animals alike, while their root systems can improve drainage in the soil. The most important aspect for a tree is the …

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