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Is Beachfront Or Oceanfront Better?

There are many considerations when you are buying beachfront or oceanfront property. Both are excellent choices. But which is better? Let’s find out! Beachfront means the golden beach is a few steps away from your doorstep, while oceanfront means you …

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Can You Wash Beach Towels With Bath Towels?

Towels, towels, towels. One we use for the beach and one we use for the bath. But are they so distinct that they have different cleaning requirements? Continue reading as we answer, ‘can you wash beach towels with bath towels?’. …

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Is A Beach Tent Or Umbrella Better?

Going to the beach on those scorching hot summer days to get your tan is always good. However, you need to make sure you stay well protected by using either a beach tent or an umbrella. While both of these …

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How Do You Move Closer To The Beach?

Living at the beach is not for everyone, but for those who long for the coast, living inland is simply unfulfilling. If you long for the sea, or if you have been bitten by the coastal bug, are there ways …

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Best Backpack Beach Chairs

Although a day at the beach is great fun, the outdoors get much more exciting when you add a little backpacking into the mix! While I agree that a beach chair is ideal, having one you can also take backpacking …

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What Material Is Best For A Beach Bag?

Beach bags are a must, especially if you live near a beach or spend all your free time on the shore. However, using a standard, everyday tote bag won’t make the cut, as they might not serve you for as …

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What Metal Are Beach Chairs Made Of?

While some folks enjoy the classic appeal of wooden beach chairs, others favor metal chairs for their durability and superior strength. You know what? I have one of each, and I use them interchangeably! The metal beach chairs, in particular, …

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Is Coastal Décor Tacky?

Coastal décor is often confused with styles such as Nautical, Tropical, or Hamptons décor, which incorporate specifically themed fabrics, ornaments, and furniture designs that can become outdated. So how does one differentiate between these décor styles and avoid falling into …

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Are Gravity Chairs Good For The Beach?

A pleasant day at the beach with family and friends is difficult to beat, although a formidable beach chair makes it so much better! I have a few sitting in my garage, but the gravity chair sees the most use. …

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What Is The Best Month To Have A Beach Wedding 00

What Is The Best Month To Have A Beach Wedding?

You’ve met that special someone and your childhood dreams of a memorable wedding on the beach have now become a reality!  But what is the best month to have a beach wedding?  September is the best month to have a …

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