Are Tents Allowed On The Beach 00

Are Tents Allowed On The Beach?

A visit to the beach can be exciting but stressful, especially if you have to think about the amount of stuff you have to pack. I would have been happy to carry an umbrella and some camp chairs, but my …

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The Origin Of Long Walks On The Beach Phrase 00

The Origin Of “Long Walks On The Beach” Phrase

It’s instantaneous. The moment you hear the words “long walks on the beach,” your mind opens up its music videos file and clicks on Escape by Rupert Holmes…… “If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain…..” You’re …

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Night Swimming At The Beach Is It Safe 00

Night Swimming At The Beach: Is It Safe?

Whenever our family visits the beach, we would take a peaceful stroll down the sandy seashore watching the sunset. It was pretty exciting, and it made me wonder what lies beyond the ocean waves. I am foolishly adventurous, so imagine …

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Do You Need A Beach Umbrella Anchor 00

Do You Need A Beach Umbrella Anchor?

If you’re planning a fun day out at the beach, you have probably laid out all your beach-going essentials; swimsuits, snacks, sun lotion, and an umbrella. But then it occurs to you: will you be wrestling to keep the umbrella …

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Why Is The Beach So Relaxing 00

Why Is The Beach So Relaxing?

After a stressful day, you have probably realized that all that tends to make it better is switching off your electronic devices and heading to the beach! Are you wondering why you find the beach to be so relaxing? The …

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Walking To The Beach Quotes 00

Walking On The Beach Quotes

There aren’t many things that compare to a walk on the beach. The magical experience starts when you take off your shoes and step onto the sand. From that moment on, it’s only you and the beach. You feel the …

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Is It Safe To Swim At The Beach At Night 00

Is It Safe To Swim At The Beach At Night?

The sea looks dark and mysterious at night, constantly crashing and rolling up the beach. The moon floating on water and the glimpse of a dolphin fin might beguile you into thinking that you would love to have a midnight …

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7 Beach Date Ideas For Couples 00

7 Awesome Beach Date Ideas for Couples

The beach is undeniably a magical place. There’s something about kicking off your shoes, stepping onto the warm sand, that first wave over your toes, the breathless majesty of the infinite horizon, and the sound of the waves crashing. What …

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