How To Get A Tourist Visa To Cambodia

Cambodia Tourist Visa- Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country blessed with countless natural landscapes and beautiful ancient landmarks and impressive culture that has attracted lots of tourists annually.

Most times, people surf the internet searching for solutions on how to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa, if you need a tourist visa for Cambodia, and wondering how to get a tourist visa for Cambodia are some of the numerous questions often asked.

For these reasons, we have compiled this article to help you out by providing all the information you need on How to Get a Tourist Visa to Cambodia including step by step guide.

How To Get A Tourist Visa To Cambodia (Step By Step Guide)

If you intend to travel to Cambodia for recreational purposes, rest, fun, and eye-catching, you will be required to get a Cambodia tourist visa.

There are lots of questions regarding the process of getting a Cambodia tourist visa and that is

A Cambodian tourist visa simply is a visa issued to foreign nationals or permanent residents by the Cambodian embassy/consulate or visa application center to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes.

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However, holders of this visa are not permitted to do any activity that is not tourism-related.

Application Process For Cambodia Tourist Visa

Still on How to Get a Tourist Visa to Cambodia and now you will be enlightened on how you can apply for the visa. You need to visit the Cambodian embassy/consulate in your country of residence.

You can also visit a Cambodian embassy/consulate in a neighboring country near you. You should find out their working days and time first before going.

You can get a Cambodian tourist visa by:

  1. Applying online for eVisa.

You can visit the official Cambodia immigration website to apply for your visa. Register on the portal and fill out the e-visa application form.

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you will have to pay the Cambodia tourist visa fee with your credit or debit card, pay the Cambodia tourist visa fee. After payment, wait for a maximum of three (3) days for the Cambodia tourist visa to be processed.

You can enter the country with this visa either through land borders or specific airports.

  1. At the Cambodia Embassy/Consulate.

This is the proper and common way to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa is through the Cambodian embassy/consulate. You should locate the closest Cambodian embassy or consulate around you and visit.

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Collect the required documents listed (as listed above) and then, visit the embassy in person. You can also send your visa application form /documentation by mail.

  1. Cambodia Tourist visa on arrival.

You can also apply for a Cambodia tourist visa as soon as you can enter through a border crossing or an airport. You will have to collect the documents listed on the website. However, you will need an immigration card for this. You can get an immigration card for filling out on the airplane or at the airport.

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Locate the application center at the airport, and submit your passport, photo, travel ticket, immigration card and money for the visa fee to be paid in cash and US dollar.

Once payment is made, wait for the immigration officer to process the visa. Your biometrics will be captured before your tourist visa is stamped on your passport and issued to you.

Importantly, ensure you have all the required documents necessary for your visa application to be processed.

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Below are the names of ports of entry where you can get a tourist visa on arrival. These include:

  • Phnom Penh International airport.
  • Cham Yeam (Koh Kong).
  • Siem Reap International Airport.
  • Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey).
  • Bavet.
  • Sihanoukville International Airport.
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post (Stung Treng)

These ports of entry can be found along with Cambodia to Vietnam border, Cambodia to Thailand Border, and Cambodia to Laos border.

Cambodia Tourist Visa Requirements

Before you apply for a Cambodian tourist visa, there are requirements that you need to meet before you can be issued the visa. You must meet the requirements. These are:

  1. Your valid Passport with validation above six months from your Cambodia tourist visa application date.
  2. Passport-size photograph meeting the Cambodian visa application specification.
  3. Cambodia tourist visa application form that is duly filled and signed.
  4. Proof of funds to show that you can take care of your financial needs by providing documents such as bank/financial statements.
  5. Medical certificate showing that you are fit and not suffering from different ailments including COVID-19 before you can get a tourist visa for Cambodia.
  6. International travel health insurance that covers up to $50,000 of medical expenses may also be required.
  7. Proof of Accommodation by providing the address or location of where you will reside when you arrive in the country for tourism.
  8. Flight reservations must include your departure date to Cambodia as well as the return date.
  9. Cover letter stating the reasons and purpose of your visit to Cambodia.

Cost Of Cambodia Tourist Visa

You might probably be wondering how much the Cambodia visa application costs., the cost differs based on the country you are applying from and the method of application. Meaning if you are applying online, the price is different from applying at the land/airport border on arrival.

If you are applying for the Cambodia visa online, you will be required to pay the Cambodia tourist visa fee of 30 US dollars. The processing fee is 6 US dollars.

If you are applying for the visa application on arrival at the port of entry, either airport or land border, you will be required to pay the Cambodia tourist visa fee of 30 US dollars. You are expected to pay the money in cash only as no form of e-payment will be accepted.

Processing Time Of The Cambodia Visa

The visa processing time varies depending on the workload at the Cambodia embassy/consulate or visa application center where you apply.

When you are applying either online or at the Cambodia Embassy, the processing time will usually take 3 business days.

However, it can be longer than that and can reach 2 to 3 weeks for the process to be completed.

Validity Period Of Cambodia Tourist Visa

Cambodian tourist visa is visas are temporary visas that let you enter Cambodia for a short-term stay. Holders of Cambodia tourist visas can legally stay in the country for one month from the date of entry.

However, you are to stay in Cambodia based on the valid number of days stated in your application, which can be less than 3 months.

Cambodia Tourist Visa Extension

People often ask to find out if it is possible to extend a Cambodian tourist visa beyond the legal number of days stated in the visa.

It is very much possible to extend the visa but it can only be extended once. Also, the duration of this extension is 30 days.

Application for a Cambodia tourist visa extension can only be done at the country’s Immigration Department, National Police.

This means you can apply for a visa extension while you are yet in the country and not when you have traveled out. Also, be prepared to pay the charges with costs ranging from 30 – 50 US dollars to have your Cambodia tourist visa extended.

Payment can be made online or in cash, the latter is most likely preferable.

When To Apply For Cambodia Tourist Visa

Most persons applying for visas in general often like to rush the process but end up being disappointed.

That is why we often recommend that you apply for the visa as early as possible typically 30 days before your scheduled departure date.

That is because there might be many other applications ahead of yours thereby increasing the workload which can delay your application being processed.

If you will apply at a late period, it shouldn’t be more than 20 to 15 days before your departure date.


We have concluded our discussion on How to Get a Tourist Visa to Cambodia.

From our discussion, it is obvious that getting a Cambodian tourist visa is not tedious and can be done with ease.

However, we advise that before you apply, make sure all the required documents are in your possession including your passport, photos, and other supportive documents that may be required of you during the process.

In the end, when you get into the country, you will see that it is worth it.