Serbia Economy Facts

Serbia Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Serbia is an upper middle income service economy in Central Europe, with a tertiary sector that contributes over 70% of GDP (GDP). In a free market economy, goods and services are exchanged between buyers and sellers without interference from the …

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Facts about Belarus Economy

Brief Analysis On Belarus Economy [Stats & History]

Belarus was a poor and underdeveloped country that relied mainly on agriculture and had an overpopulation problem in the countryside prior to the October Revolution. A fifth of Belarus’s people were killed, and the country’s infrastructure was obliterated, during World …

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Ukraine's Economy Facts

Ukraine Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Ukraine is a developing, diverse economy in Eastern Europe. From 2000 until the start of the global financial crisis in 2008, when the recession hit Ukraine, it expanded fast. In 2010, the economy began to improve again, and that trend …

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UK Economy Facts and all you need to know

UK Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

In terms of both social market and market orientation, the British economy is advanced. By nominal GDP, it is sixth; by PPP, it ranks ninth; and by GDP per capita, it ranks twenty-fifth; it accounts for 3.3% of global nominal …

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Ireland Economy Facts and all you need to know

Ireland Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

High-tech, life sciences, financial services, and agribusiness (including agrifood) services make up the backbone of the Irish economy, which is a highly developed knowledge economy. Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows of high value put Ireland first, and the country’s open …

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Sweden Economy Facts and all you need to know

Sweden Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Developed export markets for lumber, hydropower, and iron ore have contributed to Sweden’s advanced economy. These are the backbone of a globally-oriented economy’s resources. Automobiles, telephones, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, precision equipment, chemical goods, home goods and appliances, forestry, iron, and …

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Iceland Economy Facts

Iceland Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Iceland has a small economy and is highly unstable. From a nominal GDP of $12 billion in 2011, it has more than doubled to $27 billion in 2018. Based on population estimates of 350,000, this equates to $55,000 in purchasing …

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Denmark Economy Facts and all you need to know

Denmark Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

There is a heavy reliance on foreign commerce and government services as well as a high standard of living in Denmark’s modern mixed economy. The service sector accounts for 80% of all jobs while manufacturing accounts for 11% and agricultural …

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Norway Economy Facts and all you need to know

Norway Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

The neutrality of Norway was abandoned in 1949 when it joined NATO as one of its original charter members. The country is now a member of the European Free Trade Association. In October 2021, a minority center-left coalition led by …

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