22 Best Craigslist Alternatives for Buying and Selling

Craigslist has been a staple for buying and selling used items and services for decades and is a go-to for many people looking to snag a deal.

It’s popular, even though the site still seems like it’s stuck in the 1990’s, the decade during which it was launched. Archaic or not, the simple design has stood the test of time.

While Craigslist was the first such site, it certainly isn’t the only one. As technology has advanced, more Craigslist alternatives have been popping up, providing more and more options to make money and save money.

You no longer need to rely on garage sales and donation stores to get rid of your unwanted items or to find a good deal on used items.

And with so many options out there, you’re sure to find a site that works for you.

Here are the best Craigslist alternatives for buying and selling.

Classified Ads Sites Similar to Craigslist

First, let’s talk about sites that are similar to Craigslist in layout and functionality.


FreeAdsTime.org is the first of our Craigslist alternatives. This site lets you browse and post classified ads just like Craigslist. The main difference is in the layout. FreeAdsTime.org is organized by state and major cities within the state, so if you’re looking to browse, you will need to pick the city closest to you or the ones you’re willing to drive to.

Another difference is that FreeAdsTime.org is global and includes Canada and many countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

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ClassifiedAds.com is essentially another Craigslist but is a lot prettier to look at.

It’s another free classified ads website that lets you post items, browse, and buy for free. However, like Craigslist, you’ll need to email or call the seller, so it may not be as appealing to those concerned about privacy.

Although the site isn’t as private, they do include common red flags to look for to spot scams in the listings.


Geebo has champtioned themselves as a safe Craigslist alternative. In fact, founder Greg Collier is an outspoken advocate for safety in the online marketplace and excluded personal ads early on to help prevent human trafficking.

Geebo reviews all submitted ads for signs of fraud or improper behavior before allowing them to be published. They’ve also called for all other online classified ads sites to do the same.

Geebo contains specialty advertising sites as well as free listings posted by individuals. Their primary categories include employment, real estate, automotive, and general merchandise.


Bookoo, as in you’re going to make bookoo money, is very similar to Craigslist in that it allows users to buy and sell items in their local area.

However, Bookoo includes more information about the sellers including a bio, a picture, and the type of items they tend to sell. This let’s buyers better know who they’re dealing with. There is also live chat support available.

While Bookoo doesn’t operate in as many places as Craigslist, it may be a safer alternative if available near you.

USA Today

Not only is USA Today one of the most well-known and widely circulated newspapers, but it also offers a classified section in their printed papers and online.

The online classifieds site offers a wide range of categories to choose from and even has auctions available for buyers.

The downside to using USA Today is that you’ll be charged a fee for posting your items, but the upside is that you’ll be exposing your item(s) to a large audience. If you’re selling a large item or expensive item, USA Today might be the way to go.


Recycler is similar to Craigslist and ClassifiedAds.com in that it’s a basic classified ads site.

Ad categories include cars and other vehicles, pets, rentals and real estate, sports and recreation, jobs, music, services, tickets, community (including garage sales and free things), and a for sale section.

While ads can be found across the US, most will be concentrated in 59 major cities.


Oodle is currently the largest aggregator of classified ads and pulls listings from sites like eBay as well as local newspaper and website listings.

Additionally, Oodle runs the classified websites of other companies like the New York Post and The Washington Post Express, as well as for other websites like Military.com.

Oodles website will display ads closest to your location with search features to allow buyers to narrow in on what they are looking for.

You will need to create a profile to sell on Oodle. Listings display the seller profile along with important safety tips. There is also a Safety Center you can visit for more information about safely buying and selling using the platform.


Locanto is yet another classified ads sites, and like Craigslist, is present throughout much of the world.

In fact, Locanto is available across the US, in over 60 countries, and in 6 languages.

You can browse and place ads either online or through a mobile app, and as with other Craigslist alternatives, posting is free. However, you’ll need to pay to have your ads shown in cities outside your local area.

Simply go to their site and select your location to get started.

Pennysaver USA

The PennySaver used to be a popular advertising newsletter that has diminished in recent years as print material has moved online.

While the physical newsletter may be a rarer find, the PennySaver spirit has lived on with the online platform PennySaver USA.

Now you can search for anything you need or want in your local area with PennySaver USA. Simply enter your search criteria and location to begin. You can also search by category.

App-based Craigslist Alternatives

This section is dedicated to Craigslist alternatives that primarily use an app as their platform. These alternatives may be more convenient for browsing and creating ads because everything can be done from your smartphone.

Facebook Marketplace

First up is the Facebook Marketplace, which has quickly gained in popularity over the last couple of years.

More than a billion people are active on Facebook, and with the Marketplace built right in, it’s a convenient location for both buyers and sellers.

You can buy or sell pretty much anything on the Facebook Marketplace (there are some exceptions), including cars and homes. All items on the Marketplace home screen are automatically pulled from your local area. You can also search for specific items, which will be shown from closest to farthest away.

Another convenient aspect of Facebook Marketplace is that the Messenger is built right in so you can easily communicate with prospective buyers or sellers.

Facebook Marketplace is also a safer option than Craigslist because you can see information about the seller, including the option to go to their profile. This feature means you can actually see who you’re dealing with, making it less likely you’ll be scammed (although you do still need to take precautions). There is also more of a track record of who you’re dealing with in case something happens.

Overall, Facebook Marketplace is a relatively safe and convenient method of buying and selling items.

Facebook Groups

In addition to the Facebook Marketplace, you can also look to buy and sell used items in Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are formed and moderated by people in communities throughout the US, and you’re sure to be able to find one near where you live. Specifically, you’ll want to find and join For Sale Facebook groups.

To find groups near you, go to the search feature in Facebook and start searching by putting “For Sale in [insert name of city or town].” Once you find a group near you, ask to join and start selling or buying.

Just make sure you adhere to the group rules and to always meet people in a public place.


OfferUp has quickly risen through the ranks over the past several years to become a very popular Craigslist alternative.

While you can search online, OfferUp is meant to be used primarily as a mobile app for local buying and selling. Products are featured based on the location closest to the buyer, but you can also filter by category, price, and distance.

OfferUp also has some nice features for added convenience and safety. Transactions can be completed in person with cash or through the app’s payment platform. The profile also features things such as verification badges, review attributes, response time, and trusted connections. There are also messaging features so you can converse directly in the app.

Additionally, OfferUp has partnered with local police stations to set up monitored 450 MeetUp spots across the country. You can see a map of nearby MeetUp spots by clicking on the small green icon on the bottom right of the chat screen.


Letgo is another Craigslist alternative that is very similar to OfferUp. This platform let’s buyers and sellers place ads and browse local items either online or through the mobile app.

Letgo also offers an in-app chat feature so you don’t have to exchange any personal information, along with verified user profiles with ratings and reviews.

More recently, Letgo added video-listing and price suggestion features, as well as a housing section.


Mercari is yet another mobile buying and selling app but operates a bit differently.

In this case, instead of meeting up to buy and sell, items are shipped to sellers. Sellers choose who pays for shipping (it will say free shipping if the seller is paying) and will also surrender 10% of their earnings to the app.

While you’ll pay a little more to buy and sell using Mercari, you don’t have to deal with the hassle and safety issues inherent with meeting potential buyers and sellers. Plus, you’ll have access to a much wider range of buyers and sellers.

Mercari even partners with USPS and FedEx to let users print shipping labels, and items can be shipped anonymously so buyers never know your location.

Specialty Craigslist Alternatives

The alternatives in this section are dedicated to a particular type of item or category of items for those that are looking to buy and sell specialty things.


Poshmark is a Craigslist alternative dedicated to fashion.

Individuals can buy or sell used clothing, shoes, and accessories using the Poshmark app. Like Mercari, items can be shipped to buyers and the platform will even provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label when you make a sale.

A fun feature of Poshmark is the ability to attend a Posh Party. These are virtual shopping events within the app where you can buy or list with friends.

Poshmark also offers Posh Protect, which protects you every time you place an order on the platform. Additionally, there are customer service personnel available to assist with any issues.


Etsy is another great alternative for those who want to build up a regular selling side hustle or business.

Unlike Amazon, Etsy sellers market their own handmaid items. These can be anything from jewelry, to art, to clothing, to craft supplies. You can also sell manufactured items if they are vintage.

Anyone can set up an Etsy shop for free, but Etsy does charge fees for listing and selling items. There is a $0.20 flat fee for each item listed and a 3.5% fee for each item sold.


Swappa is a Craigslist alternative classified ads site dedicated to helping consumers buy and sell electronic items.

For instance, you can buy and sell smartphones, cameras, video games, tablets, watches, laptops, and smart home equipment such as streaming devices and thermostats.

Swappa has a moderation team that runs through a number of checks once an item is purchased that includes verification photos, serial number checks, criteria compliance, and seller history.

These checks, plus a support team that helps resolve further issues, is one of the reasons the site has been rated as one of the most reputable places for buying used phones.

International Craigslist Alternatives

While many of the other alternatives on this list are available internationally, these alternatives are primarily based outside the US.


While the rest of this list offers Craigslist alternatives for buyers and sellers primarily in the US, Gumtree is specifically designed for those in the UK although it has expanded to several other countries in recent years.

Gumtree is the UKs largest website for local classified ads and one of the top 30 sites in the UK.

Ads are either free or paid depending on the product category and market location. There are paid promotional options for sellers to increase visibility, as well as the option to “bump up” ads in the listings.

More recently, Gumtree began offering services to businesses by selling advertising packages to companies looking to post job vacancies, properties, or vehicles.


Carousell is yet another non-US based online and mobile platform for selling and buying.

Based in Singapore, Carousell operates primarily in Southeast Asian and the Pacific Islands. The platform allows for individuals to sell to each other as well as for businesses to sell to consumers.

If you live in, or are looking to sell products within, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands then Carousell may be a good option.

Other Craigslist Alternatives

This alternatives represent other options for buying and selling items that don’t fit into the categories above.


Amazon has quickly become the largest online shopping platform in the world and is the go-to for many looking to find products online.

With over 112 million US users, becoming an Amazon seller is a great way to get your products in front of a lot of eyes. People have even begun making careers out of selling items on Amazon.

Whether looking to make a career out of it or just a side hustle, being an Amazon seller isn’t for your casual declutterer. You’ll need to follow Amazon’s guidelines and be a regular seller in order to use the platform.

The great news is that Amazon offers a ton of tools to help you. You can start with the Seller University, a set of videos to help you master the art of selling on Amazon. Another advantage of using Amazon is that they will take care of the delivery, customer service, and promotion of items for a fee. The fee is typically $0.99 per item sold plus a referral fee depending on the price.


eBay is one of the oldest and most well-known buying and selling platforms where you can find both new and used items.

The difference with eBay is that items can be “won” through a bidding system, sort of like an online auction. Items can either be had for a set price with the “Buy It Now” feature, or items can be bid on and won with the “Auction” feature.

It’s up to the seller which mode they wish to sell their item through. If the item is in high demand, setting a low starting price and letting buyers bid may be one way to drive up the sale price. However, eBay does take a fairly sizable commission (around 10%) for the ability to use their large platform.

Buyers can also choose to buy an item for a set price or participate in an auction. eBay will even let you set reminders so you don’t miss the end of the bidding period. Bidding on items can be a great way to get a good deal.


Nextdoor is a lesser known Craigslist alternative, perhaps because it’s ultra-local.

Nextdoor is a social networking service for neighborhoods. Users submit their name and address (at least the street name) to the site, and any posts are only made available to those living in the same neighborhood.

Nextdoor groups are run by founding members, who must attract at least 10 households to establish a new neighborhood group. They also determine the name and boundaries of the group.

While the majority of Nextdoor posts pertain to neighborhood news, events, and recommendations, users can also post items for sale or ask for things they are in search of.

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Moral of the Story

Craigslist is still the big dog out there in cyberspace for buying and selling, but its crown is anything but secure.

There are a ton of Craigslist alternatives out there offering a means to buy and sell in various locations and through various ways.

From classified ads style sites and mobile apps, to specialized merchandise sites, to international sites, you’re sure to find the perfect Craigslist alternative for you to both save and make money buying and selling.