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Best Keto Snacks for Any Budget

The Keto Diet has gained in popularity over the past few years. But, like any other diet, part of the difficulty can be to find keto snacks. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to make our best food choices with small windows of opportunity.

Luckily, with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can have plenty of keto snacks waiting for you when you need them. Best of all, they will fit any budget.

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Fathers Day Gifts for Frugal Dads

I think all the dads out there will agree that Father’s Day clearly takes a back seat to Mother’s Day. The moms out there (and for a good reason) get a big celebration, and the dads typically get a tie …

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online business

Trying New Things: Merch by Amazon

I scrolled through the Medium app on my phone and ran across an article that piqued my interest. It reviewed the author’s experience with selling on Merch by Amazon. Anyone who isn’t familiar with this is a platform that allows …

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The Day I Got 5 More Minutes With My Mom

This may sound like a strange statement to make. This might seem random and not a big deal if you don’t know me. And if you do know me, then you’d know this is a complete impossibility. Bear with me …

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How I Learned to Blog Anonymously, and Why I Stopped

Originally Published: August 4, 2018 It’s been one year since I started this journey of blogging anonymously. When I researched and purchased my domain name, I set up a pretty basic and free WordPress theme. Then, I Signed up for …

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How We Tripled Our Blog Traffic in 3 Months

Yes, I know, this is a bit of a click-baity title, but it’s true. We did triple our blog traffic in 3 months, and while there was a lot of work and different things that went into tripling our traffic, …

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simple gift

A Simple Gift – Lessons Learned as You Grow Wiser

In honor of a milestone birthday, we’re going to dig deep into the cavernous chronicles of the past. And explore history as you’ve never experienced it. What does this mean exactly? I’ll be reaching back into my memories, which may …

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