girl child playing with toys

Why You Should Stop Buying Toys for Kids Now

I don’t like buying my kids toys; I just don’t. It’s not me being frugal; I don’t like it when my kids get more toys from other people either. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t have toys in general, but they …

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Two men playing video games

Are Video Games A Waste Of Money?

From their humble beginnings of Pong, Atari, Space Invaders and the forever popular Nintendo Entertainment System, video games have become such an expansive industry, there is something out there for everybody these days. You’ve got computer games, console games, mobile …

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woman enjoying her morning routine of coffee

Create the Perfect Morning Routine for You

First thing in the morning, do you reach for the snooze button or a cup of coffee? Do you want to become an early riser who wakes up at dawn feeling refreshed instead of waking up later in the morning …

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The NFL and IOU: 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn From Football Players

If you don’t know what any of that means, let me explain it another way: I played the nation’s most popular sport, and I did it very well for a little while. But then it was over because NFL careers average just over three years. I beat that limit, but I couldn’t beat time. Time has an undefeated record.

My years in the NFL taught me almost as much about staying out of debt as my subsequent career as president of So let’s kick off 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players.

runners mindset

How Having a Runners Mindset Can Help With Money

When I’m not thinking about my finances, you can often find me out on a good run (ok, probably still thinking about my finances). Running isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean having a runner’s mentality can’t help you in other aspects of your life. Obviously, being the financially minded person I am, I think there is a lot we can all learn, financially speaking, from runners.

debt relief

Get the Millionaire Mindset With 30+ Money Affirmations

Getting a hold of our finances can be difficult. What can make it even more difficult is believing that you don’t have the power to change your habits. Therefore, not having the ability to improve your financial situation. It’s true that some aspects are beyond our control, but there are many we can control.

One of the most significant aspects is our mindset around money. By simply having a better mindset about money, you can begin to be better with money. One strategy some people use to improve their money mindset is using money affirmations to give themselves an extra boost of confidence. 

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