African American male pediatrician with stethoscope listening to lung and heart sound of little boy sitting on mother lap, physician checkup at home or in hospital, children medical insurance care

10 Absolute Worst Parts About Living in These Countries

What is the worst part of living in your country? I’ll go first. POLITICS! It’s dreadful, and yes, I’m an American. Unfortunately, everything here has become political and polarized to the extreme. If you say you believe something, you’ll be …

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Portrait smiling young woman sitting on grass in park writing in book

10 Bullet Journal Ideas To Help Organize Your Life

Have you started a bullet journal to help you get things done? There’s much more you can do with this notebook than stay organized and keep track of your to-dos. These inspirational bullet journal ideas will help you get the …

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young girl with french flag near Eiffel tower

10 Big Things To Know Before Traveling to These Hot Spots

Is there something you wish travelers knew before visiting your country? You’ve got company. After a Redditor asked, “What should people know before traveling to your country?” These are the hot topics of discussion. 1. Costa Rica One shared, “From …

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Woman on a plane fear of flying

15 Best Travel Tips for People Petrified of Flying

Someone recently took to Reddit concerned about their fear of flying and asked, “If you travel a lot on planes, what stops you from being petrified?” They confessed that they wanted to travel and see the world but couldn’t get …

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Woman traveling in germany

12 Best Tips for Traveling in Munich Germany

Someone recently posted in a popular German travel forum seeking the best traveling tips for visiting the country. They explained their son was visiting, and they were nervous about his safety. Here are the top-voted responses. 1. Germany is Safe …

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