10 U.S. Cities Americans Voted as Declining in the Next Decade

In recent years, certain cities in the U.S. have encountered various challenges, encompassing escalating crime rates, opioid misuse, and a worrisome homelessness crisis. An online dialogue sheds light on the severity of these issues plaguing specific urban areas throughout America. Here, we highlight some key observations and insights from the discussion.

1. Memphis, Tennessee

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“The MSA has actually had flatline population growth over the past decade,” observes the first thread contributor, “which is pretty remarkable for a Southern city that sits in the middle of a huge transportation network of water, rail, highway, and air.”

Many replies bemoan Delta Airlines’ withdrawal from the airport. “It’s partly because Memphis was de-hubbed by Delta about ten years ago,” explains someone else.

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City skyline Utah at night
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I was shocked to see this beautiful city appearing in the thread. I had no idea Salt Lake City had an ecological problem. “From continuing to let alfalfa farmers suck our limited water sources dry to allowing companies like U.S. Magnesium operate and pollute our valley,” rues a Utah native, “I feel rather pessimistic about our city’s future.”

3. Portland, Oregon

Man walking along the riverwalk in Portland city at autumn, Oregon, USA.
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The Pacific Northwest has always prided itself on tolerance, a love of nature, and a communal spirit. However, some Portlandians are feeling the squeeze of a partisan legislature.

“Yes, the homelessness is bad, but there’s [sic] two issues that’ll likely lead to its decline in the next ten years.” First, high taxes and second, disjointed local government need reform, according to others. “It’s an absolute mess, and there’s no good way to fix the foundational issues.”

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California
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San Francisco’s problems are often in the news: images of rampant homelessness, unsanitary sidewalks, and brazen property crime are abundant. However, one San Franciscan is sanguine. “The thing about S.F. is (it’s) self-inflicted,” says the proud Californian. “Which means it’s fixable.” Another resident is also philosophical: “San Francisco ebbs and flows. That’s just kind of what it does.”

5. Los Angeles, California

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San Francisco’s noisy southern contemporary is seeing a similar story arc. Images of tents stretched along Venice Beach Sidewalk, and stories of mass shoplifting events have tarnished its fairytale reputation.

Someone mentions how the city is pricing out young families, which is not good. “Something’s got to give,” says the parent. “Seven-figure tear-downs isn’t a place to build a family.”

6. Houston, Texas

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Eastern Texas’ largest urban population is finding life increasingly difficult, with its population declining. A Houston resident regards factors such as “cost of living going up, traffic getting worse, and summer heat getting more unbearable” as blameworthy. Another explains that Houston now feels like “one giant traffic jam.”

7. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama Skyline
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Crime is rampant in Alabama‘s largest city. One local person cites “being 16% higher than the national crime rate” as the main reason for its decline. Sadly, many of Birmingham’s districts have soaring figures in violent crime, property crime, and crimes per square mile.

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA
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“The city is bursting at the seams, and nothing useful is being done to manage the insane overbuilding and the absolute nightmare of driving all over metro Atlanta,” a Georgian native shares. They feel “a decent train system” would benefit the huge city.

9. St. Louis, Missouri

famous arch in st louis
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A Missouri native laments the downward spiral seen in their home city. “St. Louis will continue its trajectory of decline and continue to lose talent and industry to Kansas City,” they predict. Another resident agrees, “As long as the trends of poor city governance in St. Louis and great local governance in K.C. continue, I agree.”

10. Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The ‘City of Brotherly Love’ moniker is sadly ironic today. The city is losing businesses, residents, and reputation because of crime. “As someone living in it, I have to say, Philly,” one contributor admits. “I am feeling more and more unsafe here pretty much every day. It literally seems like a lawless city.”

Source: Reddit.

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