10 Biggest “You’ll either Love It or Hate It” Destinations To Travel

Imagine going to a popular tourist destination only to find it underwhelming and not worth the hype. So, the next time you think of vacationing in Paris, just remember that not all is sunshine and rainbows. On a travel forum, people share their thoughts on destinations they find to be polarizing for unfathomable reasons. Here are ten spots they voted you’ll either love or hate.

1. India

Taj Majal at sunrise in Agra, India.
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India is an all-or-none experience. As someone describes, it is fascinating yet, overwhelming. After all, there are so many distinct cultures in one place. A second user mentions that a trip to India is beyond their comfort zone. One visit suffices for most.

2. Disney World

Walt Disney World
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Disney World holds nostalgic value for many of us. It’s a time capsule, allowing you to be a kid again. However, some people are not fans of the idea. Depending on the location, Disney World can be underwhelming, thanks to the crowd and artificial props.

As one person mentions, going there a couple of times is understandable. However, spending a large chunk of your vacation money to stand in lines for two hours doesn’t sound like a bargain.

3. Dubai

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For many folks, Dubai is a get-away, the ideal vacation spot. However, one globetrotter thinks of it as the absolute worst place they’ve ever been to. The climate isn’t friendly. And if shopping isn’t your favorite activity, you won’t like that all experience is based around malls. But, to each their own, I suppose.

4. Venice

Venice, Italy
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Venice is a popular travel destination but is not immune to hatred. One person aptly describes it as the Disneyland of cities. While many travel destinations are known for their local culture, Venice has been passed down to tourists, depriving it of character.

Plus, the food isn’t great either. However, a second user thinks that the experience of riding a water taxi beats everything.

5. Paris

Paris, France
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When you think of vacationing abroad, Paris is bound to pop up as a viable option. However, despite its beauty, Paris can quickly become a hellhole depending on where you stay and what you do.

Multiple forum users conclude that it isn’t smart to see 50 things in 3 days. Limiting tourist activities and strolling around the city can make Paris seem incredible.

6. Havana

aerial view of cuba
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Cuba is a delight for many, thanks to the colors and architecture. However, one user doesn’t care for it. They found their trip to be exhausting. It is a complicated tourist destination; apparent poverty can be a downer for most. Depending on your tastes, either you can’t wait to leave or wait to return.

7. Athens

Athens, Greece Monastiraki square at sunset.
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If you’re visiting Greece, there’s no way you won’t consider seeing Athens. While the Acropolis and Plaka are fascinating, the city overall wasn’t too fun for one person. They believe spending two days should be enough to see all you have to see. However, a person advises visiting the islands if you genuinely want to experience Greece.

8. Brussels

Manneken Pis in Brussels
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Brussels can be a bundle of joy for those who love cultural melting pots (and beer). A forum member thinks of it as a beautiful city with kind locals. However, it can be overwhelming and awful for some.

9. New York

The statue of Liberty with World Trade Center background, Landmarks of New York City
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New York is a city of dreams for many. However, despite all it offers, NYC can be overwhelming for people. Plus, the rush of the street and unkind strangers turn off many tourists.

However, one local suggests everyone is friendly; don’t expect a 60-year-old business person in a suit jacket to stop for a conversation.

10. Prague

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For some forum members, Prague didn’t live up to the hype. One user mentions feeling unsafe as a solo female traveler. Yikes! Additionally, a second user sees it as a tourist trap with drunken yelling echoing through the streets.

This thread inspired this post.

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