Do Beach Houses Have Fireplaces?

During winter, everyone loves to gather around a fireplace and enjoy something hot to drink. But what if you are living in a beach house? We typically think of beaches as warm and sunny. However, when the sun goes down, the temperatures do drop. Do beach houses need fireplaces? Let’s find out!

Fireplaces bring life and warmth into any house, even beach houses. Families love relaxing in front of a warm fireplace, sipping hot chocolate while the waves crash on the beach. Most beach houses have fireplaces to warm the home during winter, from gas, electric, and wood-burning.

Beach house owners can create a cozy warm ambiance by adding a fireplace that provides warmth to their home from electric, gas, or wood-burning fireplaces. Beach houses will stay warm as it gets colder outside, with a selection of fireplaces covered in this article. 

Gas Fireplaces for Beach Houses

Over the past few decades, gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular in beach houses. Their designs and features surpass the messy wood-burning fireplaces of the past.

Modern gas fireplaces offer realistic-looking fires with 3D flames, ceramic-fiber logs, and glowing embers that look just like the real thing without having to worry about chopping wood and cleaning chimneys.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Fireplace in a Beach House

Gas fireplaces offer many benefits of a wood-burning fire without the wood. There are several excellent reasons for using gas fireplaces instead of wood-burning fireplaces.

  • No wood chopping is necessary.
  • Remote control ease. There is no need to get up and tend the fire with a gas fireplace. You can control the heat from the comfort of your sofa with a click of the remote.
  • No waste and ash to clean.
  • No smells.
  • No unsightly chimney, with more flexibility regarding where to place the fireplace.
  • No chimney cleaning.
  • Safe heating option.
  • Gas fireplaces can be used in emergencies when power failures occur.
  • Environmentally friendly. Gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than traditional fireplaces.

The Ins and Outs of How Gas Fireplaces Work

A gas fireplace operates just like any other gas appliance. Gas fireplaces allow you to control heat intensity, flame color, and size by a wall thermostat or remote control.

Gas fireplaces are odor and smokeless and safe to use. Gas fireplaces will send any emissions that do occur to the outside safely.

Different Gas Fireplace Models

Direct vent gas fireplaces are considered the safest and most efficient venting method. These fireplaces operate on a two-pipe venting system where one pipe allows fresh air in for combustion, and the other vent enables combustion fumes to flow outdoors. Vents are installed through an opening in an exterior wall or up a flue to the outside.

B-vent gas fireplaces receive combustion air from indoors and use a single vent to remove fumes to the outside. B-vent fireplaces are less popular and typically less efficient than direct vent gas fireplaces.

Ventless gas fireplaces can be installed anywhere and have no flue. Ventless gas fireplaces are very efficient but are known to lower indoor air quality because they keep the pollutants in the room. In some states in the U.S, ventless gas fireplaces are entirely banned. 

Electric Fireplaces for Beach Houses

Electric fireplaces serve many purposes in any home other than just providing heat. Some models are used as shelving or as a TV stand. Electric fireplaces look like gas fireplaces but do not require any venting or professional installation and can provide a flame without heat if needed.

Electric fireplaces come in many designs and sizes and operate by pulling in cool air, heating it, and then blowing the heat into the room. Electric fireplaces don’t produce a real flame; they do provide heat.

Electric fireplaces are easy to operate and maintain, allowing you to control the flame size and color effects with a remote. Most electric fireplace manufacturers use advanced technology to mimic fire’s glow correctly.

Electric fireplaces are safer than any other models because they do not emit any fumes and do not require venting.

Different Electric Fireplace Models

Several types of electric fireplace models are available that provide the main functions of looking like a real fire and producing heat. These are typically used in homes everywhere.

The main types of electric fireplaces are:

  • Electric fireplace inserts. 
  • Recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplaces.
  • Freestanding electric fireplaces. 
  • Electric log sets

Electric fireplace inserts

Electric fireplace inserts use the same type of technology as a log set fireplace. Electric fireplace inserts are steel boxes that are measured to fit into your existing wood-burning fireplace space and have a surrounding trim that covers up any gaps that might be visible.

While installing an electric fireplace insert can be slightly more challenging than just plugging in a log set, it is still effortless to install.

Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

With a freestanding electric fireplace, you can move the fireplace around your beach house as you like.

Recessed or Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Recessed electric fireplaces offer a professional appearance by being flush with your wall but unfortunately require professional installation and typically cost more.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are directly mounted on the wall of your home. Wall- mounting an electric fireplace is more straightforward than installing a recessed fireplace.

It is simply mounted on the wall like a painting or picture. Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces include wall mounting brackets for easy installation.

Electric Log Sets

An electric log set fireplaces are a bundle of painted, manufactured ceramic logs on a metal grate. Electric log sets are easy to install; you simply put the log set inside your wood-burning fireplace and plug it into a nearby electrical socket.

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Why a Fireplace is a Good Idea for a Beach House

Electric and gas fireplaces are perfect for heating your beach house while providing the warmth of a real fire without having to deal with the hassles of traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Warms Your Beach House

Some people like spending the Christmas holidays in their beach houses. During the winter months, the temperatures can drop substantially. Typically, temperatures drop at night, and beaches are often subject to high and cold winds. Installing a gas or electric fireplace in your beach house will relieve chilly nights.

Electric fireplaces are entirely safe and emit no fumes; you can safely close all the windows and doors of your beach house to spend a warm relaxing time around the fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces are Low Maintenance

Most beach house owners do not reside at their beach houses permanently. Having an electric fireplace removes the hassle of ensuring enough firewood for when they visit. Electric fireplaces require no maintenance and are ready to provide warmth with the flick of a switch.

Can be Used Outdoors

Some electric fireplaces can be used outdoor on patios or decks. If you decide to sit outside at night and want the comfort of a crackling fire, you can always use your electric fireplace outdoors without the risk of the flames being blown out.

Electric Fireplaces are Safe and Easy to Operate

Electric fireplaces are entirely safe for children and pets. No embers will be popping out of an electric fire like wood-burning fireplaces; electric fireplace flames are completely safe to use in a home.

Electric fireplaces are easy to operate with flame and temperature control switches. Most gas and electric fireplaces have easy ignition switches to start the fireplace instantly.

Some models like the 3-D fireplaces feature different flame colors and sizes as the homeowner requires. These amazing fireplaces will provide a great ambiance while heating your beach house to a comfortable temperature.

Several Design Options

Gas and electric fireplaces are available in all shapes and sizes. You can custom design an electric fireplace to suit the décor of your beach house.

Electric fireplaces are available as TV stands or shelving units to provide additional design options for your beach house.

Decorate the fireplace mantle with Christmas decorations without worrying about them catching fire. TVs, photo frames, candles, or decorations will fit perfectly into the electric fireplace’s shelves.

Beach House Fireplaces for Sale

The Electric BELLEZE Traditional 58″ Beach House Fireplace

This beach house fireplace is perfect for creating a cozy room temperature and ambiance. It features an inbuilt infrared heater and realistic flames with a glowing log and ember bed. It can be operated without or with heat. This lovely electric fireplace is affordably priced at $399.99.

The Electric BELLEZE fireplace can be found online at Amazon below

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Gas Fireplace

It features an Auto-Safety Pilot Control Valve. The gas connection kit uses propane gas only.  The craftsmanship of Real Fyre displays high quality. The realistic logs are manufactured from high-quality refractory ceramics, which offer radiant heat even after the fireplace has been switched off.  This fireplace is made to be used with Propane Gas vented fireplaces only.

The Peterson gas beach fireplace is affordably priced at $549.88.

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Gas Fireplace can be found online at Amazon below.

XBeauty Electric Fireplace in-Wall Black Mounted Fireplace

This in-wall fireplace is perfect for beach houses. The electric fireplace features 1500W with remote control, timer, multiple-colored flames, and an easy-to-use touch screen. The realistic flame effects in full-spectrum LED colors offer an attractive display.

The twelve flame colors include upgraded classic flame colors of blue, orange, and red. It offers five flame speeds, five flame brightness, and twelve ember bed lighting settings.

The XBeauty electric fireplace is perfect for beach houses and is available on Amazon below.

The Xbeauty Electric Wall Mounted, and in-Wall Recessed fireplace can be found online at Amazon below.

Duluth Forge Ventless Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Fireplace

The Duluth Forge vent less natural or propane gas fireplace, features realistic flames to warm any beach house on a cold night. It provides 32 000 BTU of heat, perfect for any beach house. Its antique white finish fits in excellent in all beach house designs.

This patented dual-fuel technology fireplace has an automatic shut-off setting. The Duluth Forge Ventless Fireplace is a bit more costly than the other fireplaces in this article; however, it offers excellent features, which is why it found a place on our list.

The Duluth Forge Ventless Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Fireplace costs $1 429.00 and can be found online at

Classic Flame 3D Infrared Electric Quartz Fireplace

The Classic Flame electric quartz fireplace is an excellent choice for beach houses. It features 3D flame technology that offers layered flames to simulate realistic fire. Its five adjustable brightness and speed settings allow you to choose the option perfect for your beach house.

The flames flicker behind and, on the logs, give the Classic Flame fireplace the feel like you are sitting in front of a real wood-burning fireplace.

The Classic Flame 3D Infrared Electric Quartz Fireplace is affordable at $296.00.

The Classic Flame 3D Infrared Electric Quartz Fireplace can be found online at Amazon below.


Beach houses, like any other homes, need heating at some time or the other. Most beach houses have installed fireplaces to heat on cold, windy nights. 

When referring to beach houses, we automatically think about warm sunny days, but most beach towns experience high winds and cold winter nights. Some beach house owners like to spend their Christmas holidays at their beach houses, sitting around a fire sipping on a hot drink. For that, you need a fireplace.

Most modern beach houses have electric and gas fireplaces installed because they are easy and safe to use and require no maintenance. If you do not yet have a gas or electric fireplace installed in your beach house, we suggest you consider this option to use during the fall and winter months.   

As winter approaches and it gets colder outside, beach house owners who love the warm sun already have fireplaces installed to keep them warm. Whether a gas fireplace or electric fireplace, a warm crackling fire on a cold night is just what everyone needs.

We hope you found this article informative and consider installing a fireplace in your beach house.