Do Lobsters Bite?

Lobsters are delicious and are handled by many people on a daily basis, but these creatures can look intimidating with their big claws. This can leave people to wonder if lobsters can bite and cause pain to a human. Well, let’s find out!

All lobsters can bite you, but there are some lobsters that will bite you if given a chance. These are generally the large chela lobsters found in Norway, America, and Europe. These bites are not from the mouth of the lobster but rather the claws, and they can be quite painful.

Can a lobster hurt a human badly? How do you remove a lobster from a finger when it doesn’t let go? How do you handle lobster safely? We will deliberate all this and more in this article, so keep reading!

Will A Lobster Bite?

Lobsters are a popular food item that is used in many foods across the world. Their delicate flavor can complement many dishes, which is why lobsters are used in “fancy” food dishes. Lobsters are also somewhat difficult to catch.

All this makes lobsters fairly expensive, so many people generally only have them for special occasion meals. If you are dealing with a lobster that you bought from the store or one that was freshly caught, you might have a few questions about the lobster.

One question you might have is; can the lobster bite you? All lobsters can bite you, but some will bite you if given the chance. These are the large chela lobsters in Norway, America, and Europe. These bites are not from the mouth of the lobster but rather the claws.

So, if you are miss-handling the lobster and the lobster has nowhere to go to run away from you, then the lobster will “bite” you with its claws. The actual mouth of the lobster is not big or strong enough to bite a human.

Will A Lobster Hurt A Human?

Lobsters can use their claws to bite a human, but will a lobster bite a human, or would it rather try to get away from you? A bite from a lobster can hurt a person quite badly if they get a good bite, so it’s important to understand the nature of these creatures if you are handling them.

Lobsters will not go and seek out a human to hurt with their bite. The main reason people get bitten by lobsters is because the lobsters feel trapped and don’t have a spot to run away and hide from the person.

If you don’t handle the lobster properly, it will bite you, but if you leave it alone, the lobster will leave you alone.

How Painful Is A Lobster Bite Or Pinch?

So, lobsters can use their claws to bite a human that’s miss-handling it, but will this bite hurt a human, or is it something that you can shake off easily? A bite from a lobster can cause quite a bit of damage to a person if they get a good bite.

Researchers used a load cell, a pressure measuring device to measure the load of a bite from a lobster’s larger claw, called the crusher claw. They found that this claw can produce a pressure of up to 100 pounds if it gets a good grip.

So, if the lobster gets a good grip on your finger, for example, this can cause a lot of pain to that person.  

Can A Lobster Hurt A Person Badly?

So, lobsters can bite a person and cause pain, but can a lobster hurt a person bad enough that they need a trip to the emergency room? As lobsters can exert a great deal of force with their claws, they can do serious harm if they get a hold of you with a good bite.

There have been reports of lobsters taking off sections of people’s fingers with their bite. So, depending on the size of your finger and the lobster, it could even cut a portion of your finger off, which will result in an emergency room visit.

Are Lobsters Aggressive Animals?

Another reason a lobster might bite you if you swim with them or stick your hand into their cages is that lobsters can be pretty aggressive animals. Lobsters will fight with other lobsters in the area over food, mates, and shelter.

Lobsters are also highly territorial and will have an established hierarchy within their little lobster communities. So, if you stick your hand into a lobster’s cage and they don’t recognize it as a threat, the lobster will go after your hand.

How To Remove A Lobster From A Body Part

If you have the regrettable experience of having a lobster bite you, you might start to panic when you see that the lobster is not letting go of your finger or wherever it bit you. Generally, if a lobster is taken out of the water and bites you, it will not let go as it doesn’t feel safe.

So, how do you get a lobster to release you from its bite? You will need to place the lobster that’s still attached to you back into the water, either the ocean, its cage, or a bucket of water. This will let the lobster think it can escape from you now, so it will let go and swim away from you.

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How To Handle A Lobster Safely

As lobsters can cause some serious damage if they manage to bite you properly, you need to know how to hold them safely if you are going to deal with them, either as pets or for cooking. Unless you are catching lobster for these two reasons, do not try to touch or pick up a lobster; leave them be.

This will save you from a lot of pain. So, let’s go through how you can safely handle the lobsters you are dealing with to ensure you can avoid this pain.

Wild Caught Lobster

If you are catching the lobster yourself using a lobster trap, you must be extremely careful when taking the lobsters out of the trap. You need to only pick the lobsters up from their backs or hold them from underneath as you will be far away from their claws.

If you have multiple lobsters in one trap facing all directions, you should empty the trap into a container filled with water before trying to handle the lobsters mentioned above. This will help protect you from the claws of the surrounding lobsters.

Store Bought Lobster

Store-bought lobsters are easier to handle as they are generally prepared for safe handling by having the claws taped together. You should only choose lobsters that have their claws taped when you purchase your lobsters, as this will keep you safe when you handle them.


Lobsters are delicious and are handled often by many people, but if you don’t know how to handle them safely, they can cause you a lot of pain through their bite. Their bite is dangerous and can cause a lot of damage if they get a strong grip on your finger or hand.

If you are going to handle lobsters often, follow the instructions in this article to ensure you handle them safely to help yourself avoid some serious pain. Good luck with your lobster!