Do You Need A Beach Umbrella Anchor?

If you’re planning a fun day out at the beach, you have probably laid out all your beach-going essentials; swimsuits, snacks, sun lotion, and an umbrella. But then it occurs to you: will you be wrestling to keep the umbrella in place the whole time if there is no anchor? Continue reading to learn if beach umbrellas need anchors.

Beach umbrellas do not need an anchor. When you use appropriate methods for securing a beach umbrella in conjunction with an anchor, it can be extremely helpful in keeping the umbrella in place. However, it is possible to secure an umbrella without an anchor.

A beach umbrella can be fixed in place much more easily if you know the correct techniques. Keep reading to learn how.

Do Beach Umbrellas Need Anchors?

Besides dreading the thought of wrestling a beach umbrella your entire day out, there is another reason to make sure your umbrella is securely fixed in place. Beach umbrellas are a potential danger – and I do mean danger. 

More than 31,000 people are reported to have had umbrella-related injuries between 2008 and 2017, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If beach umbrellas are not properly secured, a gust of wind will sweep the umbrella out of place and, depending on the speed and severity of the wind, can travel across the beach.

If you happen to get caught in the path of a rogue umbrella, it might spell disaster. Such was the case with one 46-year old lady who was impaled in the chest by an umbrella at a beach in Ocean City, Maryland. Fortunately, her injuries did not prove fatal.

As a result, the security of your umbrella is essential; Not just for your convenience but also for your safety, that of your family, and other fellow beachgoers. So, do all beach umbrellas need anchors? To put it short, anchors are not a requirement for beach umbrellas.

As a matter of fact, anchors aren’t a surefire way to keep umbrellas secured. Some anchors are more reliable than others, and it is also reported that anchors do not work as well at beaches with lots of loose sand, like that found in some beaches in Long Island and Ocean City.

Also, if you do not secure the umbrella into place properly, the anchor will not be of much help. Therefore, although it is possible to fix an umbrella into position without an anchor, it is recommended to use techniques in conjunction with an anchor to get the best results.

How To Secure Beach Umbrella Without An Anchor

  • First things first, we need an umbrella and a willingness to put in a bit of elbow grease. But before we get down to the nitty-gritty, it is crucial to keep your umbrella CLOSED. You’d be surprised at how often individuals try to secure an umbrella while it appears to be about to take off in flight.

Better yet, if your beach umbrella comes in two parts – one with a bottom stake and the other with the umbrella head – remove the umbrella head before trying to secure the pole in place.

  • Now we need to put the pole into the sand. The mistake most people make is trying to poke a hole in the sand as deep as possible and hoping the umbrella remains in place. Most of the time, this never works.

Instead, you should put the pole in the sand with as much force as possible and then continuously move the pole in a back and forth motion. The back and forth motion is vitally important and should not be skipped.

You will then notice that the pole gains deeper traction into the sand. Ideally, you should get the pole at least 1/3 of the way into the ground.

  • When you’re satisfied that the pole is adequately staked in the ground, open the umbrella (or place the umbrella part on the pole and then open the umbrella). The umbrella should then be tilted in the direction of the wind so that the wind will push it deeper into the sand.

If you tilt your umbrella away from the wind, you are asking for your umbrella to be lifted out of position. Since beach umbrellas are relatively large, when air catches underneath the material, it becomes a giant sail.

That’s why it is essential to have your umbrella facing the right direction. Unfortunately, this also means you will have to pay constant attention to the direction and movement of the wind as wind changes throughout the day.

  • Once tilted in the position of the wind, use your feet to sweep sand in the hole that was dug. By doing so, the pole will be more stable. Also, you can add anything heavy objects against it, like bags or coolers, to help keep it in place.
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Choosing An Umbrella For The Beach

It is crucial to use umbrellas made for the beach when at the beach. Although a patio umbrella may appear to be equally as wonderful as a beach umbrella, the truth is that they cannot compare.

Due to the weight of a patio umbrella, it is impossible to securely fix these umbrellas in place without an anchor or heavy base. This makes it much more likely for these umbrellas to fly away with a high gust of wind; and, with its heavyweight, makes it a much more dangerous hazard.

In contrast, you wouldn’t want to bring a small (or cheaply made) umbrella that will rip at the thought of a small gust. Overall, investing in an umbrella made for the beach will give you fewer problems and will be easier to secure in place.


While you can certainly do without an anchor, using one in conjunction with other techniques will give your umbrella the best chance of staying fixed. Also, keep in mind the potential hazards umbrellas pose if not secured properly. The safety of yourself, your family, and other beachgoers should always be the first priority.