[Full Guide] How To Apply For Egypt Tourist Visa In 2023

If you intend to visit Egypt, there is a need to get an Egypt visa before you travel to the North African country. In most cases, a visa is required to visit the country.

For this reason, most persons interested to visit the country typically tourists often surf the internet on How to Apply for Egypt Tourist Visa. You will be learning all about the process and more in this informative piece.

How To Apply For Egypt Tourist Visa (Step-By-Step Guide)

There are many reasons why Egypt is a tourist destination for many visitors over the years, one such reason is attributed to the country being one of the oldest countries in the world, dating back as far as the year 3000 BC, the time of the Pharaohs.

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Nonetheless, whatever your reasons for visiting Egypt, you need to obtain a visa. We are concerned with Egypt tourist visas here. Visiting Egypt for touristic purposes requires a visa and eligible travelers will need to apply for and receive an approved online tourist visa before they can travel into the country.

The Egypt tourist visa is a type of Egypt visa issued by the Egyptian government for short-term purposes that allow visitors to stay for a maximum of 90 days.

Tourists are to obtain the tourism visa that is granted solely online before traveling to Egypt which provides a simpler, more secure way to enter the country with pre-approved clearance.

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The tourist visa permits visitors from foreign countries entry into the country to have access to numerous attractions such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Nile River, the beach resorts of Sharm el-sheik, the Valley of the Kings, or visit family members, and many more attractions.

Importantly, foreign visitors who enter Egypt with a tourist visa are not permitted to seek employment or carry out business in Egypt. There is an appropriate business visa or work permit that should be obtained instead.

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For Egypt Tourist Visa

As earlier mentioned, the Egyptian tourist visa is applied for and received fully online. It is mandated for visitors to complete an Egypt tourist visa application form before embarking on a journey to the nation to be allowed entry into the country.

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If you want to apply for the Egyptian eVisa online, applicants must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create an Account

You can visit the Egypt visa portal https://visacentral.com/egypt-visa and then create an account. A confirmation code will be sent to your email address.

Step 2: Enter Personal Details Via an Online Webform

Once you have successfully created your account, you need to enter the required information needed including your details in the Online Webform.

Step 3: Pay a Processing Fee Via Debit or Credit Card

The next step is for you to pay a processing fee via debit or credit card. Without paying the processing fee, your application will not be processed. You can make payment via your debit or credit card online.

Step 4: Submit a Valid Email Address at Which to Receive the Approved Visa

Make sure that you provide a valid email address to where the approved visa will be sent to. This will enable you to print out a copy of your eVisa with which you can visit the country.

Once the three steps above are completed, there will be a 7-day processing period and, if or when your application is approved, you will receive an authorized eVisa directly in the inbox of the email address you provided.

Ensure you print out the visa and present it on entry to Egypt along with the passport submitted during the application process.

Egypt Visa Upon Arrival

Visa upon arrival is possible for citizens that are coming entering Egypt from eligible countries. There are about 46 countries eligible for visas upon arrival. However, visa requirements and restrictions vary greatly when obtaining an on-arrival visa.

However, you need to find out if your country is eligible for a visa upon arrival before your travel to Egypt or else the local immigration officials will refuse you entry for any reason.

As such, we strongly recommend that you obtain your visa before departure.

Peradventure, you choose to obtain your visa upon arrival, you will need to inquire with your airline if boarding is allowed without a visa.

Egypt Visa Requirements

You will need to meet the minimum visa requirements of the Egyptian government to have your eVisa application approved. Foreign visitors will be required to provide documentation when applying for an Egypt visa to support your application, such as:

  • Submit 2 copies of the Egypt visa application form.
  • An actual signed passport, two copies of the personal information page of your passport, and the passport. must be valid for and not more than 3 months.
  • Hold a complete online eVisa application form.
  • Submit two colour, passport-type photographs.
  • Submit a valid email address where the approved eVisa will be sent.
  • Provide details of your hotel reservation or the destination of your stay in Egypt.
  • Pay a processing fee.
  • The printed Egypt e-Visa.
  • A travel itinerary.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. Applicants arriving from a yellow fever risk nation or applicants who transited through such an area for more than 12 hours must provide a yellow fever certificate upon arrival.

Once the above requirements are met and an Egyptian tourist eVisa has been fully processed and received, you should print out and present it to the immigration and customs officials at an Egyptian port of entry.

Also, the above is not an exhaustive list of the Please note: This is not a complete list of documents you may have to provide for an Egypt visa application.

The exact required documents to be provided depending on the purpose of your travel as well as the embassy or consulate in which you apply.

How Long Is An Egyptian Tourist Visa Valid For?

Going further in our discourse on How to Apply for Egypt Tourist Visa, you might want to know the validity of an Egyptian tourist visa.

An Egyptian tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue before it expires. Even if the visa is not used before the period elapses, it will expire and another eVisa you will have to apply for, process, and obtain another eVisa before being able to travel to Egypt.

Your visa will be valid for another 30 days if you travel to Egypt within this 3-month window.

Cost of Egypt Visa

It is fundamental to know the cost of an Egyptian tourist visa before you begin the process. This will help you prepare adequately with all the funds you need for the process all through. As such the cost for standard processing of an Egyptian visa is USD55

How Long Will It Take To Apply And Complete an Egypt eVisa?

Not all visa processes take a longer period to be completed than you might envision. Also, the processing period for an Egyptian visa varies depending on the method of application.

Filling the application form takes not more than 10 minutes. Once you have completed the process and submitted all required documentation. The visa process can take anywhere from 10 – 15 business days and if successful, an eVisa will be sent to the valid email address you provided.

Nonetheless, when you apply for Visa On Arrival, there is a tendency for your visa to be received or your application can be rejected, right there.

Who Needs A Tourist Visa For Egypt?

Almost all foreign visitors need a visa to enter Egypt. However, exceptions are provided for citizens of only 9 countries that can travel to Egypt visa-free. These countries are Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Malaysia.

So, unless you are from these 9 countries, you must have a visa before you enter Egypt. Nationals of these countries are exempt from applying for an Egyptian tourist visa before travel, but they still have to obtain a visa if they want to stay long-term.


Egypt is an interesting country to visit considering its historical landmark and architecture, among others. The process of How to Apply for an Egypt Tourist Visa is not tedious because everything is done online.

Except for travelers who opt to get a visa upon arrival. However, it is best to consult with the Egyptian embassy in your country for full information before you embark on the journey.