Forbidden Travels: 15 Places You Couldn’t Visit Even if You Tried

With the world at your fingertips, there are many places for you to plan a vacation. However, there are many places you’ll never be allowed to visit, and for good reason, too! In our article, we’ll explore 15 locations you’ll never want to visit or if you’re curious to discover what’s there!

1. Area 51

NEVADA, UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 18, 2013 - Extraterrestrial Highway road sign in Nevada, USA
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Google will become your best friend if you’ve never heard of Area 51 in Nevada! Area 51 is known as a government location that conducts tests on… various aircraft and aliens; we aren’t quite sure. The government used Area 51 in the past to test aircraft, which were often misunderstood as alien aircraft flying through our skies, but what’s going on remains a mystery, as the government only officially acknowledged its existence back in 2013.

2. Snake Island

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro with Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain. Brazil.
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Snake Island is situated on Brazil’s coast, an island filled with Golden Lancehead Vipers with venom so deadly it can melt human skin and kill you instantly! Brazil’s government has marked this area off-limits to travelers as it’s said to be home to over four thousand snakes. This location spells out a nightmare for many, so we’ll keep our curiosity for research only!

3. Bohemian Grove

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Bohemian Grove is one of the most bizarre places in San Francisco and one of the strangest in America! This cult gathering place is the gathering place of some of the richest and most elite men in America, but if you think you can enter the club, think again. To join the gathering, you’ll need to pay twenty-five thousand dollars after being on a fifteen-year waiting list, but known for its strange rituals, you’ll most likely want to leave this one up to the conspiracy theorists to have fun with.

4. Lascaux Caves

Interior of Lascaux caves
Credit: Deposit Photos.

Situated in the southern part of France, you’ll find the Lascaux Caves, which contain paintings that are over twenty thousand years old. In the mid-1900s, these caves were open to the public; however, they were later closed down due to a mold outbreak that destroyed the paintings. Now, you can attend its exhibit that hosts recreated paintings in a museum for viewing.

5. Bank of England Vaults

Bank of England
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This is an obvious one that’s off-limit, but the Bank of England vaults are home to actual gold bars traded between countries and the elite. Each gold bar contains a serial number and its weight on the bottom, and when gold bars are traded, an additional serial number is added to the bar of gold and the owner’s account. Once added, the previous owner is then removed from the gold bar. 

6. Valle del Javari

Amazon River, South America
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Valle del Javari is an untouched area in Brazil and is one of the most heavily protected areas. For many years, people have wondered if this area is home to certain tribes, but images have shown that tribes still live in the Valle del Javari with huts and large families that inhabit this land. If tribes still live here, this area is heavily protected for good reason!

7. North Sentinel Island

Aerial view of North Sentinel Island, Andaman.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

North Sentinel Island is one of Thailand’s most fascinating islands, surrounded by extensive coral reefs that make it hard for any boat to approach. If you make it past the coral reefs, you’ll run into one of the most dangerous tribes in the world. Around twenty years ago, two fishermen got lost and stumbled across this island and were later discovered to be killed by its tribe; so now, no travelers are allowed within three miles of the island due to extreme safety concerns.

8. Surtsey

Surstsey island in background
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This young, beautiful island first debuted in 1963 when a volcano erupted and created the island. Today, known as one of only untouched landmasses, no one is allowed to travel to this island except for Scientists who travel there for studies. While staying on the island, scientists sleep in tiny cabins with bunk beds to ensure minimal impact on its land. 

9. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

Church of Saint Mary of Zion, chapel where the Ark of the Covenant is allegedly kept. Ethiopia. Bible, landmark. UNESCO worl heritage site — Photo
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

You may have already heard of this one, but the Chapel of the Ark Covenant contains the two stone tablets given to Moses by God. The two stone tablets contain the Ten Commandments and are said to have Aaron’s Rod and a Pot of Manna! Manna is an edible substance given to the Israelites to help them survive during their travels; with that said, the Arc is only allowed to be visited by one priest.

10. Pripyat

Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Pripyat in Ukraine was founded in the 1970s and is known as one of the busiest cities in Ukraine, with over forty-nine thousand people. Unfortunately, this area is off-limits, as it was evacuated in 1986 due to a nuclear disaster.

11. Diego Garcia

Military Base
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Diego Garcia is a gorgeous, small island in the center of the Indian Ocean. In the 1970s, the British chased away its residents to allow the construction of a United States military base on the island. Today, the island is used by the United States Army but is off-limits to travelers.

12. Metro 2

Metro train
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Situated around fifty to two hundred meters below ground is the Metro 2, which consists of four railroad lines. The four railroad lines were created and are still used by the Ministry of Defence in Moscow for particular purposes.

13. Room 39

Old blue car driving in Pyongyang Street with North Korea Flag
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Room 39 is known as one of the most mysterious places in North Korea due to its heavy involvement with corruption. It’s said that North Korea prints counterfeit money in room 39 to replace their currency. In addition, room 39 has many drugs stored there, but don’t worry, only the corrupt have access to this location!

14. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Chinese woman in museum listening to audio guide
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The Jiangsu National Security Education museum is only accessed by Chinese citizens, so if you’re from the United States or other countries, you’ll need to sit this out. This museum contains artifacts of inventions from the past that were used to dominate enemies and win wars. Photographs are strictly prohibited in this museum.

15. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

Rounding off our list is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a vault that contains thousands of samples of seeds from all over the world. These seeds remain protected from natural and manufactured disasters and are available for future use in the event of a disaster. This vault is located on an island in Iceland, and only a few people have access to the building; pretty cool, huh?!

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