[Full guide] How To Obtain A Tourist Visa For France In 2023

Yearly, France and its confederates as well as other territories under it enjoy a high influx of tourists. It is not a surprise as the country is blessed with several picturesque natural landscapes, architecture, and historical landmarks that lure tourists into the country.

However, unless you have a visa permit, you may not be allowed access into the country except if your country of residence is included in the visa exemption program.

We have compiled the process that will help you How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for France including step by step approach in this informative piece.

How To Obtain A Tourist Visa For France (Step By Step Approach)

There are different types of visas that you can apply for based on the purpose of traveling to France. In this case, we are concerned with the Tourist Visa for France.

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The Tourist visa permits for France allow you to stay in France for up to 90 days at most per a period of 180 days. Also, you can as well travel with this same visa to other Schengen countries within that period except if your visa is marked as a Limited Territorial Validity visa.

Furthermore, you need to be sure you have the requirements that will eligible you to apply for the French Tourist visa. These includes:

  1. Check your passport. Ensure your passport is still valid and meets the requirements before you apply.
  2. Book your flight on time. Don’t hesitate to book your flight. Book your travel flight as early as possible to avoid being disappointed or having to pay double for a late booking.
  3. Make sure you have all that is required not skipping any.

Once you’ve checked this list, you are good to go and can apply for your visa.

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How To Apply For A French Tourist Visa?

Applying for a French tourist visa should not be tedious that is why we outlined and discussed the step-by-step guide in this informative piece on How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for France.

We recommend that you follow the outlined steps to achieve your goal and obtain the visa. The application process includes:

Step 1 – Fill Out the Visa Application Form.

You have to complete the visa application form either online on the internet or hardcopy by downloading the form, print and fill. Ensure you fill in all the information required not skipping any as all are relative and important for your application.

Also, ensure all the information inputted should be accurate and does not differ from those on other documentation you will put forward later during the process.

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Step 2 – Collect the Compulsory Documents

You need to collate all required documents that will be requested of you. Make sure you gather them for submission purposes. Ensure you have both the original copy and duplicate copy of the documents.

Step 3 – Book an Appointment

You must book an appointment date for your interview with the consular officer of the French Embassy. You can book the interview online, and if not possible in your region, you will have to go to the consulate to book the interview.

Step 4 – Pay the Fees

Payment of the visa application fee is a must requirement without which your visa application will not be processed. The fee can be paid in euros or your local currency (if acceptable) but according to the exchange rates applied by the embassy.

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Step 5 – Show up at the Appointment

Ensure you honor the appointment scheduled, be punctual, and be coordinated during the interview. Getting to the interview late can lead to the termination of your visa application process.

Also, mind your dressing and dress modestly as possible. Importantly, you should go along with all required documents.

Expect to be asked some questions by the interviewer regarding your trip to France, the purpose why you are traveling to France.

The interview should not take more than 10 minutes maximally.

Requirements Of France Tourist Visa

The requirements to apply for a French tourist visa vary depending on your nationality.

There are documents that you are required to submit to apply for a Tourist visa for France. These are:

  1. French Tourist Visa Application Form that you have filled and signed.
  2. Two (2) passport-size photos that must not be older than three (3) months.
  3. The valid passport that was issued to you within the last 10 years and remain valid for another 3 months after the end of your planned stay in France. In addition, the passport must have at least two blank pages where the visa sticker can be attached.
  4. Copies of older visas that you’ve ever used to travel to other countries in the world.
  5. International travel medical insurance with a coverage limit amount of €30,000 for your entire stay in France and the Schengen.
  6. Certificate of criminal record gotten from the police department of your country of residence. It must show that candidate has no open crime case involvement
  7. Proof visa fee payment. It can be a payment slip or receipt of payment in digital or paper format.
  8. Travel Itinerary showing what you will be doing in France, your arrival date as well as the date of departure. It also includes proof of arranged transportation as i.e. plane tickets booking and hotel booking.
  9. Proof of Accommodation in France is it a hotel booking or a letter of invitation from friends or relatives.
  10. Proof of financial support to cover your whole stay in France and other Schengen countries if you plan to. A financial/bank statement no older than three days covering the last three months will suffice. You can also present a scholarship certificate stating the financial support you will be receiving during your whole stay in France.

The Cost Of The French Tourist Visa

Having the requirements and the visa application process, I know you are still interested to find out the cost of obtaining a French tourist visa.

From what we know over the years, the price can differ base on your nationality. Generally, the fee to be paid for a French tourist visa is €80.

You will be required to pay the visa fee at the embassy/consulate, or visa application center where you apply before you attend the interview on the day of your appointment.

Also, know that the visa fee will not be refunded should the decision regarding your visa application be rejected.

Also, if you are denied entry into the country by the immigration officers at the port of entry despite going with an approved visa, your visa application fee will not be refunded.

When To Apply For French Tourist Visa?

It is imperative to begin your preparation early and submitting the application form at the right time is crucial for a positive outcome.

Moreover, the best time to apply for a tourist visa is six months before your scheduled flight to France.

Peradventure due to varying circumstances you had to apply late, the latest time you can do so is two weeks before your intended departure date.

Validity Of France Tourist Visa

We also think it necessary to include in our discussion on How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for France the length of stay in France with a French tourist visa.

The validity of your France tourist visa depends on the French embassy where the visa is issued to you.

However, the maximum period you can stay in France with a French tourist visa can be three (3) months, within half a year.

Is It Possible To Extend French Tourist Visa Stay?

You can extend your stay in France even if you enter the country with a tourist visa. However, visa extension is only possible if new facts and special reasons arise after entry into France.

Also, the visa extension can only be possible when you are still within the country and your current visa permit is still valid typically having a minimum of 30 days before expiration.


I believe you have been well informed on How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for France going by our discussion which captures all that you need to know from the visa application process to the requirements, and the length of stay in the country with a French tourist visa.

Also, pay attention to the step-by-step approach outlined and discussed to help you through the process without any challenges.