How To Apply For France Visitors Visa

Learning how to apply for a France Visitors Visa doesn’t have to be a stressful or overly complicated process. As long as you take the time to follow the tips below, you should be able to apply for a France visa visit without issue. 

There’s a reason that everyone wants to come and explore the beauty of this country! France is one of the most visited countries in Europe and in the world at large. The country is visited because of tourism, business, or transit among other reasons.

If you intend to visit France but do not know How to Apply for France Visitor Visa, you have come to the right place. You will be provided with all information that will help you successfully apply for a France visitor visa if you follow the step-by-step guide discussed here.

How To Apply For France Visitors Visa (Step By Step Guide)

It is prerogative that before you embark on a foreign journey, especially if you are traveling abroad for the first time, you make the right findings that will help you.

A France visitor visa is a type of France short-stay visa designed for non-residence of France and non-EU individuals or persons that live outside of France and the EU to come to France and visit their parents, children, or spouse.

This visa is established and specially designed for visitors who wish to enter France and remain there for less than or exactly 90 days for the purpose of visiting a family member. However, obtaining a French Family Visit Schengen Visa is not easy at all.

Also, the visa application process may seem complicated.

Furthermore, when you visit France with a visitor visa, you will not be granted permission to stay in France beyond the visa period which is mostly 90 days.

If you wish to stay longer in France, you will be required to apply for one of the French Long Stay Visitor Visas.

Different Types Of France Visitor Visas

There are different types of France visitor visas designed for those interested in visiting their family members who reside in France, either as French citizens or EU citizens.

Also, the step to get any of the different types of France visitor visas is to follow similar visa procedures depending on your situation, which still differ from each other at some point.

That is why it is important to identify the category you fall in before you apply for a France Visitors Visa.

France Visitor Visa For A Family Member Of a French Citizen

The France visitor visa is commonly issued to family members, children, and spouses of French citizens living in another country outside of French territories and the EU zone who wish to visit their spouses for a period that is shorter than 3 months.

Before you can be issued this visa, one of the strong requirements is to submit certain documents such as the French marriage certificate known as “Copie Intégrale de l’Acte de Mariage,” children’s birth certificates, including information about the French citizen.

France Visitor Visa For A Family Member of an EU/EEA/Swiss Citizen

Also, applicants from every third-world nation that has an EU family member, spouse, or parent residing in France but is not a French national can apply for this type of visa.

In addition, you will be required to provide evidence such as the French marriage certificate (Copie Intégrale de l’Acte de Mariage), children’s birth certificates, and information on the French citizen to prove the family relationship between the EU citizen and their family member.

France Visitors Visa For Relative Of Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Residents In France

Furthermore, the France visitor visa is issued to applicants with family members who are not French citizens and are non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals. Applicants will be permitted to visit France and stay up to 90 days.

However, the family members living in France ought to prove they have the financial capability to support the family members applying to come to France as well as to show they have enough room to accommodate them.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For France Visitors Visa

Applicants must be aware that the process of getting a French Visa is not easy and, most of the time, is not as quick as anticipated.

However, the first prerequisite is to complete the application process for a France visa. This you can do by following the steps listed below:

  1. Pick the right Embassy
  2. Fill out the French Schengen visa application form
  3. Compile the document file
  4. Schedule an interview
  5. Attend the interview
  6. Pay the French Visa fee

#1. Pick The Right Embassy

The first step in applying for a France visitor Visa is to select the right embassy, precisely the one in your home where you will have to submit your application.

#2. Fill In The French Schengen Visa Application Form

You need to fill out the French Schengen visa application form with all the correct information.

Mind you, the information you entered in this form must be accurate and conform with the ones in other documents. Otherwise, your application will most probably be rejected.

Also, ensure you print the form twice and sign both copies at the end.

#3. Compile The Documents File

Make sure you have the complete documentation that will be required during your application process.

The required documents to be submitted vary and depend on the type of French visa you are applying for as well as the purpose under which you wish to enter France.

#4. Book An Appointment

The next step is to book a France visa appointment at the French embassy in your country.

The appointment schedule can be online, or you will have to go to the embassy physically to schedule the appointment. It all depends on your country.

Also, if you don’t book an appointment, you will not be scheduled for an interview.

#5. Schedule And Attend The Interview

Once your interview is scheduled, ensure you are punctual and show up at the appointment center on time (embassy or consulate).

The France visa interview is likely to take around 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked some questions regarding the purpose of your trip to France by the consular officer.

Afterward, your application will be verified, after which the application form information will be entered into the online system of the consulate or embassy, and you will receive a printed copy of your application.

Ensure you please verify all the details are correct and sign the form before leaving the consulate or embassy.

Also, Underage applicants must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

#6. Pay The French Visa Fee

Payment of a French visa fee is compulsory, if not, your application will not be processed.

You will have to pay a fee upon submitting the French visa application. After you complete the payment, you will be issued a receipt, which serves as evidence of payment.

The receipt must be presented amongst other documents of the application dossier. Also, French visa fees vary from each other depending on the visa type, age of applicant, nationality, etc.

Requirements for France Visa

The following are the required documents that you need to have with you when you apply for a France visa. These are:

  1. Completed France Visa Application Form
  2. Recently taken passport-style photos (two)
  3. Your valid passport
  4. Copies of older visas (not applicable if it is your first time)
  5. Travel medical insurance
  6. Complete travel itinerary
  7. Proof of financial means
  8. Proof of accommodation in France (i.e., hotel reservations or host address)
  9. Proof of criminal record
  10. Proof of payment

How Long Does It Take For French Visa To Be Ready?

Typically, a French visitor visa application will be processed within 5 to 20 working days.

However, if you apply for a short-stay visa, including visiting any of the French Overseas territories and collectivities, the processing period is 5 working days to 3 weeks.

Is It Compulsory To Apply For A French Visitors Visa?

Applying for a French visitor visa is compulsory but not for everyone. It is dependent on your nationality.

Typically, if your country of citizenship does not have a visa facilitation agreement with France or the EU, you will be required to obtain a visitor Visa so that you will be allowed to enter France to visit your family member or for any other reason, you might be visiting.

Cost of France Visitor Visa

A France visitor visa is considered a short-stay visa whereby you are allowed to stay in France for less than 90 days. The fee for the visa application is 80 euros.

France visit visa

I hope you have learned all that you need to know on How to Apply for France Visitor Visa. Ensure you follow the instructions provided to get your visa application over within no time and then obtain your visa to travel and visit your loved one.

Follow these France tourist visa requirements, and you’ll be on the right track for obtaining your visitor visa for France.