11 Best Ways To Get Free PayPal Money in 2022

Getting free PayPal money can feel amazing. It shouldn’t be challenging to find legit ways of doing so. There are numerous online platforms that you can use and get paid via PayPal.

The thing is, you have to do a simple task in return. Most of the time, they take a few minutes.

You may be required to share your opinion, use an app, or complete any other quick task. It’s possible to do these simple online activities on your phone any time you’re free.

Remember, it’s not about getting rich. But you earn extra bucks for things you already do on the Web daily. After all, it’s free money for doing easy tasks in your free time.

Here are 11 ways to get free PayPal money so you can start earning today and make money fast.

How To Get Free PayPal Money

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most well-known survey sites out there. Survey Junkie lets you make money online by sharing your opinions, including cash paid via your PayPal account. In addition, you take surveys on various topics and help brands create better products.

You need to create a free account with your details. Your information helps the company find appropriate survey opportunities for you.

Survey Junkie rewards you with points for each survey you take. The reward depends on how long a survey is and demographics like age and location. Surveys that take longer to complete and those targeting a specific group of people usually pay more.

There’s also the option to share your browsing activity with Survey Junkie and get paid. So if you’re comfortable with it, you can boost your earnings this way.

In addition to PayPal, you can also choose to earn Amazon gift cards as your payment method.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-established rewards platform that pays you for tasks like completing surveys. The app gives you points for every task you take on. It’s possible to redeem the points for free PayPal money and gift cards.

While most surveys pay you some cents to a couple of dollars each, your earnings can be as high as $50. So you need to join the Swagbucks community and start getting notified of new earning opportunities.

The good thing is that Swagbucks has several other ways to earn. These include real money-making games, cashback for purchases, and online searching rewards. In addition, you can increase your Swagbucks earnings by finishing every task you qualify for on the platform.

Who doesn’t want to get paid to play games?

3. Opinion Outpost

If you want to get free PayPal money for your opinion, Opinion Outpost is another site that suits you. You need a few minutes a day to take on Opinion Outpost’s surveys and get paid.

Whatever the topics you prefer, Opinion Outpost has survey opportunities for you. Signing up takes a few minutes. Then, the company gives you points for every completed survey.

Product tests, ad reviews, and focus groups are a few of the research activities you can do to earn. Of course, you can also watch ads and get paid. If you want to get more points for redemption, you need to participate in most, if not all, these activities.

4. Inboxdollars

Looking for an app that pays real money for taking online surveys? In that case, InboxDollars may interest you. It’s a popular platform where users get real cash and gift cards for answering simple questions.

Brands pay InboxDollars for consumer input, and the company rewards each participating user. You need to fill out your details and receive relevant surveys for cash.

Users can see how much a survey job pays before starting it. You can earn several cents or several dollars for a survey. In many cases, lengthy surveys pay more.

InboxDollars also allows you to shop online, read emails, and watch ads for money. If you take on these tasks, you’ll earn more and cash out sooner.

5. Branded Surveys

Want to influence brand decisions and get paid? Branded Surveys allow you to take surveys on the brands you use every day. You get redeemable points for PayPal cash and gift cards to popular stores like Amazon.

Getting started is an easy process. First, you register an account and give personal details like your professional life and interests. This way, you’ll only get relevant survey work and have fun sharing your responses.

It’s possible to see how long a survey will take and the much you can earn from it before taking on the task. You can then decide to proceed with the questions and submit your answers for the researcher to review. As long as you’re honest, you’ll get the reward.

6. Lifepoints

LifePoints is another excellent site for free PayPal money from quick and simple surveys. Besides getting paid, another advantage is that you’ll help brands improve their products and services for you and other consumers.

You need to set up an account on LifePoints to access survey opportunities that matter to you. LifePoints even gives you some free points to get started, and you earn points for completing surveys. You can then redeem those points for extra money, including through PayPal.

Once you’re registered, you’ll start to receive survey notifications via email. That’s why you need to check your inbox regularly.

You can also access any surveys you qualify for on your LifePoints account. So log in daily, and you won’t miss any opportunities to influence brands and earn quick cash for your needs.

7. Prizerebel

PrizeRebel is a site to earn free PayPal money by offering your honest opinion. Taking surveys on the platform enables you to redeem points for PayPal cash and gift cards.

PrizeRebel is free to use for everyone. However, you need to provide your information to start participating in surveys.

As with the other sites, some surveys pay more than others. Most longer surveys have higher rewards. But it helps to take on any survey you get, even short ones.

PrizeRebel has additional earning opportunities such as watching videos. You need to play a video to the end and get rewarded. Most videos take several minutes, and you can do something else while waiting.

8. Ibotta

Ibotta is a rewards app and site with millions of users that gives you free PayPal cash for shopping. The platform has paid over $1 billion to shoppers in the form of cash back.

As an Ibotta user, you get cashback on daily purchases such as groceries. All you need to do is find offers of what you need, buy them at the store, and upload your receipt. The cash back app pays you once your purchases are verified.

It’s even easier if you’re a fan of online shopping. First, you need to open the Ibotta app or browse various online retailers on the desktop site. Choose one, shop as usual, and wait for your earnings!

One advantage of Ibotta is finding your favorite stores on it. So you don’t need to worry about buying stuff from brands you don’t like.

Sign up now and earn a welcome bonus of $20!

9. Rakuten

Rakuten rewards you for shopping at your favorite stores, including Walmart, eBay, and Target. One way to get your cashback earnings is via PayPal.

You need to use the Rakuten app or browser extension anytime you buy something. Rakuten will share with you what it gets for sending you to shop at a store, giving you earn money instantly every time you shop. So you essentially earn cash for shopping you were planning on doing anyway.

One great thing about Rakuten is that you can access daily deals on trending items. So if you need clothing, home décor, or even a vacation, Rakuten has something for you.

Remember, you need to spend money on the things you need. This way, you get rewards without wasting your money on unnecessary stuff.

10. Shopkick

Another cashback platform to get paid through PayPal is Shopkick. You also get a chance to earn free gift cards while shopping at home or in-store.

Shopkick gives you points known as kicks for every shopping you do. You need the Shopkick app on your phone to get started.

Since over 80 online stores partner with Shopkick, finding one you like won’t be a problem. If you visit a store through Shopkick and make a purchase, you get kicks right away.

Shopkick rewards you for just walking into a store if you prefer in-store shopping. You need to grant the app some permissions and have an Internet connection. More rewards come from scanning products and purchasing them.

11. Usertesting

Do you need a site that pays you in PayPal cash to test websites and apps? If that’s so, UserTesting is among the best ones to use.

The work you do isn’t any out of the ordinary. You need to use a site or app as usual and report what you’ve experienced.

Your feedback is all about usability. Developers use your opinion to make the product better for their users.

A job may involve writing your responses or making a screen-recorded video along with your voice while testing. A 5-minute test earns you $4. Some tests take up to 20 minutes and pay $10.

There are also live interviews, and they pay higher. It can be anywhere between $30 and $120.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering how to get free PayPal money, now you have several ways to make money online.

In most cases, you need to do a quick task, and in exchange, you earn cash that can be paid via PayPal or other platforms once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Most are online activities you do every day, and some even include playing games or asking you to watch videos.

Anytime you want to go online to pass the time, remember that you could make extra cash if you go to the right platforms. Once you’ve built up a good PayPal balance, transfer the money to your bank account and spend it as you wish.

Not a bad deal for completing tasks in your free time or shopping for things you already need.

Which method for earning free PayPal money will you try?


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