From Frizz to Fabulous: 10 Tips and Tricks for Taming Your Travel Hair

Traveling as a female can be challenging, but women with curly hair have it tough! Maintaining out-of-control, curly locks while going on an adventure is easier said than done, but thankfully, women are here to help. Recently, female travelers met in an online discussion to give their best tips for taming particularly wild travel hair.

1. Lean Into the Curls

Woman using curl boost cream
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According to countless women, the best strategy to combat crazy curls is to lean into them! Save yourself the stress and accept your curly-haired fate. “My only line of defense is to lean into the curly,” confesses one woman. “I bring curl-boosting cream. I’ve gotten better at blow-drying it into a messy kind of wavy, and then I just roll with it. Vacation photos from humid areas feature my nicely groomed spouse next to a short wild animal.”

2. Braid Your Hair

Tourist wearing french braid
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Many women admit braiding their hair saves them a lot of hassle and headache, with a bonus that they look extra-cute in photos! “I’m a big fan of doing two Dutch or French braids at the top and wearing the rest down,” reports one savvy traveler. For tropical vacations, you can also consider doing full-head braids like Monica Gellar in Friends.

3. Use a Twisted Bun

Traveler woman wearing bun hairstyle
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Don’t overthink things: A twisted bun (with the help of a clip) is arguably the easiest way to look good on vacation while putting in minimal effort. “I put it in a nice high twisted bun with a jaw clip to hold it neatly and a spritz of hairspray,” reveals one woman. “It looks adorable with nice earrings and sunglasses. And in the evening, when you undo it and shake it out with your fingers, it’s generally nicely wavy and tousled. The rule is, don’t brush or comb it; just a quick tousle keeps the curls and waves. Oddly, a spritz of water or wet fingers helps.”

4. Always Wear a Hat

Woman traveler with curly hair wearing hat
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Sometimes, the best plan of attack is the most straightforward: Wear a hat! Even a baseball hat can do the trick in a pinch. If you want the most no-fuss way to tame your curls, you can do much worse than purchasing a flattering hat and making it your ultimate go-to travel accessory. 

5. Leave Conditioner in Your Hair

Woman using conditioner
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Many women report the best way to manage curly hair while on a trip is to leave the conditioner in your hair after you wash it. In 2023, countless leave-in conditioners are specifically formulated to combat frizziness in the most humid environments. This method is relatively inexpensive and goes a long way toward protecting your hair while you travel!

6. Get a Blowout Treatment

Woman getting blow out treatment
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Many women recommend getting a professional blowout if you have the extra cash. The upside is that the benefits of this procedure will last long after you return home! “I get keratin or Brazillian blowout treatments all the time; they last about about six months,” admits one frequent traveler. “I deal with no frizz and no blow-drying. I use a tiny bit of Moroccan oil for upkeep, and that’s it.”

7. Bring a Curling Iron

Sexy girl with curly hair using Curling Iron
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Embracing the curls means dedicating yourself to ensuring they look drop-dead gorgeous at all times. For many travelers, this means bringing the much-maligned curling iron with them on their adventures! While nobody likes packing a curling iron, the benefits can’t be overlooked: You’ll consistently rock flawless curls throughout your trip.

8. Be Prepared

Woman traveler wearing scarf on head
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Sometimes, it’s best to throw everything you can at your wild mop of a head and hope for the best. One woman puts it all into perspective. “I literally wrap my hair and put on a scarf while flying,” she admits. “I keep a headband and a set of bobby pins with me to hide the frizz if my blowout fails me. I just get it braided for beach vacations, and then I’m done with it.”

9. Embrace the Pigtails

Woman wearing funny pigtails
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Vacations should be about having fun, and what’s more fun than embracing your inner teenager and rocking pigtails? Feel young at heart by braiding your hair in this carefree fashion and focusing on what matters: Having the best trip possible!

10. Utilize Scrunching Gel

Woman using Scrunching Gel
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It may be time to change your mindset. You won’t be thinking of your hair while on your trip, so maybe the best plan is to use scrunching gel and not think twice about it. “I highly recommend buying a travel-sized scrunching gel,” explains one woman. “No use fighting it; it’s not worth energy. Remember that you’ll look back on the photos and remember the quality memories (and views) regardless of your hair!”

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