Stock Market Tanks: Fundrise Still Has Positive Returns

If you haven’t heard of, then you’ve been missing out on some of the easiest passive income out there in the form of fundrise returns. In a nutshell, Fundrise is a crowd-funded real estate platform that is open to any investor. They typically invest in private real estate or commercial real estate not typically open to individual investors or nonaccredited investors.

That’s right, you don’t need to be worth millions of dollars already or be an accredited investor in order to get in on some of the best real estate investing out there. 

I’ve been investing with Fundrise for years now and have seen excellent returns. For a more in-depth look at what Fundrise is, how to invest, and my personal Fundrise returns until now, check out my first Fundrise review here.

The stock market tanked in the first half of 2022, but Fundrise has still given me positive returns on my investment.

My Fundrise Investment Plan

Fundrise returns can be different depending on which Fundrise investment plan you select. Personally, I’m looking for the biggest gains possible, so I’m invested in the long-term growth investment plan and use the auto-investing option for $350 per month.

Here is what my current Fundrise investment portfolio look like:

My Fundrise Portfolio

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My Fundirise Returns

The stock market had a terrible start to 2022, but Fundrise continues to show positive returns.

2022 is not shaping up to be as lucrative as 2021. However, seeing that most investors are taking a beating in the stock market, a modest 4.4% return so far in 2022 doesn’t seem so bad.

Market Reits Make Fundrise Look Even Better

Although seeing a modest 4.4% from my Fundrise returns might not seem like much, that’s not the whole story. Now, I’ll admit, this is an extremely basic and high-level look, but a quick look through my brokerage account shows that the Real Estate sector as a whole is down a lot over the first two quarters. 

When I dug a bit deeper, even the best-performing REITs in the stock market are down.

Some are down upwards of 30%!

Below are the top 5 REITs’ performance since their inception, and you’ll notice they are about in line with Fundrise.

image 5

However, the good part about Fundrise is that even in poor market conditions, it continues to grow. As we’ve seen with the current market, there can be huge losses with REITs. Choosing Fundrise will give you more consistent growth.

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So Is Fundrise Still a Good Investment?

So is it still a good idea to invest with Fundrise? Of course, it is! What we went through above is a good exercise in judging any investment. Some years it does better than others; other years, it won’t do as well.

However, I’ve consistently seen strong returns in the almost six years I’ve been investing with Fundrise. Overall 12.6% for any investment is fantastic. As we say above, 12.6% returns are right up there with the best funds you’ll find in the market.

Leave no doubt about it, I’m leaving my money with Fundrise, and I am considering increasing my auto-investment amount.

If anything, it’s a good idea to invest with Fundrise just for diversity alone. Market funds can be volatile and go through some relatively big swings. With Fundrise, I’ve seen nothing but steady returns and an increased quarterly dividend come my way.

If you are looking for a way to easily invest your money outside the market or want some real estate investment diversification, then start investing with now!


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