An Outsider’s Worry List: 11 Real Concerns of Non-Americans About the United States

While a vast ocean or miles-long stretch of land might separate us from them, non-Americans sure still hold some concerns for the Land of the Free. Time and again, they find themselves wondering about issues that range from political to social, sparking conversations about America. However, their unique outside views might even offer insights that hit closer to home than we might think.

1. The Pledge

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One curious respondent questions the curious case of Americans’ daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance at school. While another person replied and said that some schools “…don’t do it anymore and some have much more relaxed policies about it,” some people can’t quite piece the puzzle together.

The explanation for this isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Some states delegate the oversight to district schools or the state’s Board of Education, giving them the discretion to decide. Meanwhile, some take a seemingly stricter stance by allowing students to be exempted—but only with a parent’s consent.

2. Culture Wars

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One admitted the unstable cultural war has seemingly taken over all aspects of American life and will soon spread to Europe. This nonsensical war has obscured critical and meaningful social issues that need addressing.

This internal conflict has turned one side of the “voting populace against the other based on non-issues.” Unfortunately, the media continues to fan the flames, which is how this pointless cultural nonsense will end up “polarizing Europe.”

3. Why Is There Room Underneath the Bathroom Stall

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No one understands why there is room beneath the bathroom stalls, but many agree they should offer way more privacy than they do. There is no reason someone can walk past the booth, peek through the empty spaces, and see you in the stall.

One elaborated that it’s awkward and a violation. Let us not forget the lovely little children who like to poke their heads in the stalls through the space at the bottom.

4. The Fluidity of “National Interest.”

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Many non-Americans feel that “National Interest” is a misnomer used to justify the U.S. government committing terrible acts following WWII.

The war on terrorism and bullying other nations are a few atrocities cooked up by individuals with a skewed sense of morality and right versus wrong. Unfortunately, these morally corrupt individuals have “ascended to the top.”

5. The “We’re the Greatest” Mentality

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America’s “we can’t be beaten” mentality rubs the rest of the world the wrong way. Unfortunately, the country needs to analyze the error in their way critically. It perpetuates the issue of never being able to solve one problem simultaneously. One pointed out that the “greatest country in the world doesn’t even have free healthcare.”

6. America Is Dangerous

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The danger in America makes many visitors uneasy. Several people from the Scandinavian region declared their biggest fear is the gun issue in America.

Some admitted to being “very uncomfortable walking around Walmart seeing guns, and knowing people in there are walking around with guns too.” Additionally, they echoed that “guns are not keeping you safe. That’s like fighting fire with fire.”

7. Why Are Americans So Angry?

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In today’s world, there are many things to look upon and be grateful for, but according to many, Americans are always angry. The root of the issue could be social media. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok feed into this problem significantly.

There is no defining the sense of peace you feel when you are social-media-free. But, not to be misunderstood as entirely useless, there could be significant benefits to maintaining a social media account.

It’s “interesting how anxiety levels in society seemed lower when there wasn’t a platform to say anything with anonymity. It stripped away the societal expectation to be kind to your fellow man.”

8. You Could Be Sued for Anything

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You can be sued for anything, even when it is no fault. For example, some young children could play in the snow in your yard without your permission. If one of those children is injured, maybe they slipped on a patch of ice and gashed their head open.

The parents of that child could then sue you. Even though they were on your property without permission, your direct actions did not cause it. It is not common, but lawyers are willing to take it there.

9. American Pride

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The fall of every great power was proceeded by its hubris. Excessive pride or self-confidence defines hubris and sets in the more and more success you achieve. America must learn from history and “Britain’s mistakes or join them in has-been category” because “humility breeds civility.”

10. Worship of Capitalism

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Many people in the thread worried about how America admires capitalism, stating, “it’s creepy.” It is proven ineffective when you look at the relatively small number of millionaires and billionaires compared to the increasingly high number of people who can’t even afford to pay a $1000 medical bill. Many cannot fathom how “some applaud this system as the pinnacle of human civilization.”

11. Why Don’t Toilets Come Standard With a Bidet

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Science proves that toilet paper alone doesn’t get your tush clean as it should be after a number two. Over 80% of the world’s bathrooms come with a bidet installed, so the question is, what is taking America so long to standardize this practice?

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