35 Ways To Get Free Gas From Gas Stations


In these super challenging economic times, gas prices are only going in one direction, UP! It might feel like there is nothing you can do – putting gas in the tank is a must for everyday life. But there are ways you can save money on gas and even get it for free. Read on for 34 tips and tricks on getting free gas from your local gas stations.

Credit Card Rewards

One of the best ways to earn free gas money is to get cash back on things you are already spending money on daily. Many large banks offer rewards to sign up and use their credit cards. You can earn cashback from gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

You can save for your future gas funds with all the cash back you made. Make sure you pay your credit card bills monthly so you will avoid getting hit by high-interest rates. You don’t want to have to get another job to pay for those interest fees.

Here are the top 5 credit cards with the highest rewards.

1. Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card

Chase Freedom Flex credit card rewards well without the annual fee. It offers 5% cash back on your first $1500 combined purchases each quarter, 5% back on travel, 3% on dining-in and takeout services, and 3% on drugstore spending. You can earn up to $800 total cash back the first year for new card members. That can be a decent amount of free gas.

2. Discover It Chrome Gas Card

The Discover it Chrome Gas card is an excellent option for your next family road trip. You can earn 2% ($20) cash back on your first $1000 spent on combined gas stations and restaurants (including cafes, delivery, and fast food) each quarter. You also get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

3. PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card

If you are a credit union fan, this one is for you. The PenFed Platinum Reward Visa Signature Card offers 5x points on gas and EV charging stations and 3x on groceries, restaurants, delivery services, TV, cable, streaming services, and so much more. Also, 15,000 bonus points when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days.

4. BPme Rewards Visa

The BPme Rewards Visa is not just a gas credit card. You can use it just like a credit card and get cash back on everyday spending. For example, you get 30¢ off per gallon for the first 60 days after opening the account and 15¢ off per gallon after in BP and Amoco gas stations. In addition, you can also get 3% cash back on dining and groceries.

5. American Express Blue Cash Preferred

This credit card is the front-runner for rewards and is best for families. It offers a 6% cash back on US supermarkets up to $6000 spending a year. So if you spend about $500 a month on groceries, you can quickly get the $360 cash back. Also, you can earn 6% cash back on US streaming services (such as Netflix and Spotify) and 3% cash back on transit and gas (in US gas stations).

With the high rewards you can earn, it can easily justify the annual fee. The only downside is that this card is not widely accepted if you are traveling aboard.

Cash Back Apps Focus on Free Gas

6. GasBuddy App

Gas Buddy has been around for over 20 years and has saved users over $3.1 Billion. The app helps you find the lowest gas prices near you from a network of over 150,000 stations. It also gives you exclusive rewards and deals and has daily challenges where you can win free gas. You can download the app or scan the QR code from the website to start saving.

If you use the free Pay with GasBuddy payment card, you can save up to 25¢ per gallon. The card needs to be linked to your bank account and works like a debit card. GasBuddy says it gives 5x more savings than the app alone and higher rewards than any other credit or debit card.

7. Upside App

Upside is a cashback app that works like a variety of similar apps. The difference is they specifically focus on cashback from gas stations, meaning you get cash back every time you fill up.

The app works with BP, Shell, Speedway, Conoco, Race Trac, Valero, Marathon, Phillips 66, and 76, so you should always be close to a station. The cashback you earn can then be deposited directly in your bank account or Paypal account, where you can use it for your next gas purchase.

8. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is well known as a survey site that pays directly to Paypal, but they also have a gas focus where you can redeem your points to earn gas cards online with companies like Shell, Esso, and ExxonMobil. Survey pay on average $0.50, so completing 20 surveys, which take 10-20 mins each, should earn you that $10.

Other Make Money Apps

In addition to the Apps that you can earn cashback/points to use at gas stations, there are other money-making apps that you can make some extra free gas money.

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online portal with its app where you can earn points by doing a variety of tasks online, such as shopping, playing video games, web searches, answering surveys, and searching for deals. The points can be redeemed as cash, Paypal money, or gift cards. Often topping the list as the number 1 cashback site, it’s certainly a way to earn extra gas money.

10. Fetch – Recipe Scanner App

Fetch is a receipt scanning app that gives you cash back to Paypal or gift cards. You can scan receipts from any store or restaurant purchase, then watch the points add up, ready for you to cash out and use the money for your next gas purchase.

11. Qmee

Qmee is a popular survey site where you complete surveys for cash that are paid into your Paypal account, so you can use that money to pay for your gas. It also provides cashback on your online purchases from selected retailers.

Cash rewards are also given when your friends join through referrals. You can add further cash by answering quiz questions or using your ‘Streak’ to add an extra 10% to your survey cash.

Joining the Qmee social media groups on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will also lead to extra and bigger rewards. There is no minimum cash out, so as soon as you earn cash, you can use it for gas.

Earn Free Gas Rewards From Grocery Store Loyalty Programs (5)

The grocery store is another place you can take advantage of the rewards program and save money for free gas. Here are the five popular grocery stores (depending on where you live) with their rewards programs:

12. Kroger Fuel Points Program

Earn one fuel point for every $1 you spend. Additionally, you’ll earn Fuel points for purchasing gift cards and using Kroger’s Pharmacy or Fred Meyer Jewelers. You can redeem reward points at any of Kroger’s Fuel Centers or partnering fuel companies.

13. Safeway Just for U Progam

Safeway shoppers earn 10¢ per gallon in fuel points for every $100 spent on eligible purchases at a Safeway store. You can get double fuel points by purchasing Safeway gas station gift cards.

You can redeem your fuel points in Chevron, Texaco, and Sunoco gas stations.

14. Harris Teeter Fuel Points

If Harris Teeter is your go-to grocery store for the weekly shop, you can earn fuel points 3 ways. You earn one fuel point for every $1 you spend on qualified items. You can also double points when purchasing gift cards at Harris Teeter stores. Finally, you can earn 50 fuel points when purchasing non-federally funded prescriptions. You can redeem your points at Harris Teeter fuel center and participating Shell stations. You get 10¢ off per gallon for 100 fuel points and 20¢ off for 200 fuel points. The more fuel points, the more money off per gallon; you get the gist.

15. Cub Foods Fuel Rewards

Cub Foods Fuel Rewards is a good option to take advantage of if you live in Minnesota and Illinois. You can earn 10¢ off per gallon for every $100 spent at Cub Foods. Unlike most reward programs that limit you to save no more than $1 per gallon, Cub rewards allow you to save up to $1.5 per gallon.

16. Alberton's Just For U

Alberton’sfor U has some great perks for members. It rewards you a point for every $1 spent on groceries and two points for every $1 spent on gift cards. You automatically get $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more just by signing up for the program. You also get free birthday treats, personalized offers, discounts on groceries and gas, digital coupons, and a free monthly item and points.

Gas Station Reward Program (5)

If you regularly drive, joining a gas station loyalty program is worth it. Most reward programs are free to join, so there’s nothing to lose by signing up. The best way to take advantage of the rewards program is to join one gas station you use the most frequently and start racking up the point.

Here are the five best gas station reward programs that you can benefit from free gas.

17. BPme Rewards

If BP and Amoco are your go-to stations to fill up, the BPme rewards program is the one for you. Previously known as the BP Driver Rewards program, BPme rewards offers 5¢ off per gallon in the first month when you sign up. The discount continues if you spend $100 on gas each calendar month.

Download the BPme app on your phone for further special bonuses and additional savings on fuel.

18. Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Program

If Exxon Mobil is your gas station of choice, be sure to take advantage of the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program. It offers 3 points per gallon on gas and 2 points for every $1 you spend in-store and car wash. Every 100 points are worth $1 off at the pump. For AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members, you get an additional 1¢ discount per gallon and 1¢ off per dollar spent in-store and pump.

Exxon Mobil also has its app to make tracking your points easier and get special deals.

19. Shell Fuel Rewards

Shell Fuel Rewards program wins on multiple earning opportunities. You can earn rewards when pumping fuel and in-store purchases, as well as participating in restaurants and online shopping.

You can get instant Gold Status (at no cost to you) and earn 5¢ off per gallon and a 10¢ discount per gallon over $50 in participating restaurants and online shops. To maintain Gold Status after the 6-month introductory period, you must fill up at Shell station six times in three months.

20. Circle K Easy Rewards

The name gives away. Circle K Easy Rewards is simply – EASY. Once you sign up for free, you can earn 10 points per gallon every time you pump fuel and 20 points for in-store purchases (excluding alcoholic beverages) in Circle K stores. For every 2000 points, it’s worth $2 worth of free gas.

Just like other gas station rewards programs, Circle K has an app that makes tracking your rewards easy and offers additional deals.

21. Speedway Rewards

Speedway gas station’s rewards program is one of the most flexible redemption programs. You earn 10 points per gallon and 20 points per dollar spent on merchandise. The points allow you to spend three ways – get free stuff, enter the Speedy Rewards Sweepstakes, and get merchandise.

Speedway has its app to easily track the points, find participating gas stations near you, and get exclusive member deals.

Wholesale Membership Club (3)

If you are already paying membership for one of the wholesale clubs, you can take advantage of their fuel at a lower price. The more you spend, the more you save. If you spend about 20 gallons of fuel per week, paying back the membership cost will take about 9 to 10 weeks.

22. Sam’s Club

With an annual fee of $45 on Sam’s membership card, you can save 5¢ per gallon on fuel. They often offer a free gift card when you first sign up.

23. Costco

Costco fuel stations are the most consistent with their fuel prices. An annual fee of $60 gives you access to their fuel centers and stores. For an average 14-gallon tank, filling up once a week, you can save approximately $400 a year fueling in Costco instead of other gas stations. This saving can easily justify its membership fee.

24. BJ’s

Like Sam’s Club and Costco, BJ’s also run a similar fuel program as part of their membership club. They offer a $25 first-year ad $40 renewing (instead of $55) membership fee, which you can save in their wholesale stores and gas stations. BJ’s fuel program often runs monthly deals like 50¢ off per gallon on gas, which is a significant saving.

Discount Gift Card for Gas

Do you know you can buy gas gift cards at a discounted price? Not only can you gift it to friends and family, but you can also use it yourself to save gas money. Here are the top 3 best discount gift card sites that offer gas gift cards:

25. GiftCardGranny

Gift Card Granny offers up to 10% discount on a wide range of gas stations like BP, Shell, Exxon, Flying J, and many more. If you spend an average of $200 on gas per month, you can save $20 a month by purchasing these discounted gift cards online.

26. Raise

Similarly to Gift Card Granny, Raise is another website where you can purchase discounted gift gas from online retailers, including gas stations. Also available in-app, it offers 76 gas gift cards with up to 10% savings.

27. CardCash

CardCash is another discounted gift card site that offers many gas & auto gift cards.

Other Ways to Save Money On Gas (2)

Besides those mentioned above, there are other ways to save money on gas:

28. Optimize Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

One of the best ways to save gas is by optimizing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Avoid aggressive driving (accelerate and break too fast), keep tires properly inflated, follow speed limits, and use cruise control when applicable. Win-win! Not only can it save you on gas, but these are also safe driving habits to practice.

29. Use Alternative Methods of Transportation

Whenever possible, look for alternatives to driving. Consider carpooling with friends or co-workers, riding a bike or walking to nearby destinations. Take public transportation on your next date, such as a bus or train, instead of gas-guzzling cars.

30. Swap for an Electric Car

If you are in a position to switch your gas car for an electric one, this could be a long-term saving option. According to Consumer Report, an average EV owner saves $800-$1000 per year by charging an EV at home over an equivalent gas car. As electric car prices decrease, this becomes a more affordable option for many, and the payback becomes shorter.

Charity Organizations for Low Income / Disabled / Unemployed (5)

Finally, this is a category for those of you who are unemployed, low-income, disabled, or receiving government assistance. Many charitable organizations give free gas cards if you meet the criteria. As many of these organizations are limited in resources, this should be your last resort.

31. Salvation Army Gas Vouchers

Salvation Army offers free gas vouchers and other resources to those in financial need. In addition to gas vouchers, they also offer free rides to school, doctor’s appointments, job interviews, etc. As the resources are limited, you will need to provide proof of your situation and supporting documents when applying for your free gas card.

32. 211 Program by United Way

United Way’s 211 program is a one-stop shop for those in need. All you need to do is dial the number 2-1-1 to find out how to get temporary shelter, gas vouchers, food pantries, mental health support, and many more. As a free gasoline grant recipient, you will receive $50-$1200 every month from Free Gas USA.

33. Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)

For non-emergency transportation, you may qualify for free gas vouchers if you are on Medicaid or other government assistance programs. As the NET program is funded by Medicaid insurance, you need to call the number on the back of your Medicaid card to apply for the NET program.

34. Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization that supports struggling families worldwide with food, energy, and education costs. The gas voucher helps the individual to obtain necessary appointments, get to work, and do job interviews. The assistance is also income-based. You will likely meet Saint Vincent de Paul’s qualifications if you are already in the government assistance program.

35. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is a faith-based organization that provides financial assistance to families and individuals in need. Operating over 3,621 locations domestically and internationally, Catholic Charities offer a wide range of support, from Christmas toy drives and bill assistance to immigration services.

Save Money on Gas

There are many options for getting free gas from gas stations and saving money on gas.

Firstly, try to take advantage of reward programs from where you are already spending money daily, such as credit cards, gas stations, grocery stores, and wholesale memberships. Then look into how to optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and consider alternative transport options. You can also make some extra gas money by using free apps to complete tasks online. Finally, if you are struggling financially, some charities provide free gas vouchers that you can apply for.

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