10 Golden Nuggets of Information People Decided to Share

Recently, a user in an online forum for the older generation asked for golden nuggets for leading a happy and fulfilling life. These fun facts may not change the world, but they will amaze you and give you a few conversation starters.

1. A Scorpion Can Hold Its Breath for Six Days

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Did you know that a scorpion can hold its breath for six days? That’s right! Scorpions have a particular type of respiratory system that allows them to reduce their oxygen consumption and survive for extended periods without breathing.

2. If Bees Were Paid the Minimum Wage, a Honey Jar Would Cost About $200,000

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Bees are hard workers, and they collect nectar from around two million flowers to make just one pound of honey. Therefore many users claim that bees are incredibly efficient creatures. They can visit about 50 to 100 flowers in a single trip, and they make an average of 10 trips per day. This means a single bee can go up to 1,000 flowers daily. And amazingly, it takes the nectar from around two million flowers to make just one pound of honey!

3. A Moose Can Run 40 Mph Through Six-Foot-Deep Snow

Little moose alone in the forest. Cute moose calf in nature. Moose calf portrait. Moose calf
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Moose have long legs and are well adapted to their snowy environment. According to many people, they can even dive 20 feet deep into the water to escape predators.

4. The First President of Zimbabwe Was President Banana

Woman astonished
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Yes, you read that right! Can you imagine having a president with a name like Banana? It might be hard to take him seriously. One person stated it was true but funny.  

5. Goldfish Lose Their Color if They Are Kept in Dim Light

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They are known for their bright and vibrant colors and can add a lot of beauty and life to any aquarium or fish tank. Many people in the thread replied that goldfish are colorful creatures, but if kept in a dimly lit tank, they will gradually lose their vibrant colors. This is because goldfish need light exposure to maintain their coloration. 

6. There Are About 60,000 Characters in the Mandarin Language

Teaching kid
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If you’re interested in learning Mandarin, be prepared to put in much time and effort. With over 60,000 characters, it’s one of the most complex and challenging languages to learn.

7. Horses Have Massive Blind Spots on the Front and Back of Their Body

Woman standing near horse
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Horses are prey animals and have evolved to have a wide field of vision to detect predators. An individual wrote that they have a blind spot directly in front of and behind their bodies, which can be dangerous for them and their handlers.

8. Artillery Was Responsible for Over 70% Of Combat Casualties in Both World Wars.

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It’s no secret that wars have always been devastating, and artillery is one of the most destructive weapons in the military’s arsenal. When an artillery shell explodes, it unleashes tremendous force, causing widespread destruction and devastation. According to one, artillery was responsible for more than 70% of combat casualties in World War I. 

9. A Single Spaghetti Noodle Is Called a “Spaghetto”

Woman eating Spaghetti
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That’s right. There’s no such thing as a singular “spaghetti.”  A person revealed the correct term is “spaghetto.”

10. Caterpillars Are Physically Unable to Burp.

Caterpillar on a leaf
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We all know how uncomfortable it can be to hold in a burp, but caterpillars don’t have to worry about that. One forum member explained that they don’t have the necessary muscles to expel gas, so they can’t burp. Do you have anything interesting to add to this list?

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