[Full Guide] Greece Students Visa Requirements

Applicants that are seeking admission to any learning institution in Greece must attain certain requirements and follow lay down instructions in order to be eligible for admission to any University in Greece.

You can pursue a career in any field of Learning in Greece either at the undergraduate level or post-graduate level. So what are the requirements for application and how can you apply? If you are a European Union citizen, you don’t need a student visa to study or visit Greece.

However, Non-EU citizens, on the other hand, will need a student visa to attend school. Obtaining a Greek student visa requires an official letter of acceptance from your selected school in Greece, which must be accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education.

So follow us as we give you a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for a Greece student visa.

Greece Students Visa Requirements And How To Apply

Studying in Greece is a one-time opportunity many people are searching for, so below are the requirements for a Greece student visa;

Requirements For Greece Student Visa

There are two categories of these requirements, there are requirements for European citizens and non-European citizens:

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Non-EU/EEA national students:

Passports or other travel documents are required for entry.

A student visa for Greece must be included in the passport.

The student visa will require the following:

Has to have been granted by the country to which the passport belongs

To differentiate between short-term and long-term residency (Schengen visas) (national visa)

To be as lengthy as your course is

Some non-EU people can enter Greece for a short course without a visa for up to six months.

You may be eligible for a visa on arrival if certain requirements are met.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has information about obtaining a student visa for Greece on its internet pages.

European Students/Visitors

If you are a European Union citizen, you don’t need a student visa to study or visit Greece.

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Guide To Apply For Student Visa In Greece

In order to apply to a Greek university, you must complete a number of stages. You can use this list to get started, but keep in mind that each school in Greece will likely request more information, so be sure to check with them first!

1. Decide on a course of study that piques your interest.

Choosing a degree program in Greece is the first step in beginning your academic career in Greece. What drives you the most? What skills do you have and what career path do you envision?

To get the most out of your education, consider the specializations offered by the various Greek schools before making your final decision. Search portals for Greek bachelor’s and master’s degree programs will help you make a decision.

2. Verify the prerequisites for enrollment.

According to the university and academic level of the degree, schools in Greece have different criteria.

For English-language programs, you may need to take English tests as well. If you’re interested in a particular program, spend some time researching the courses and curriculum to learn more about how to apply. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to call Greek schools.

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3. Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork ready.

Following the process of creating a list of programs you want to apply for, be aware of any specific paperwork requirements.

Make sure your passport is valid, take language exams if necessary, and carefully prepare documents for translation into Greek, if necessary, before beginning to write your letter of motivation for your trip to the Greek islands. Official documents from your country may also require legal recognition.

4. Send in your application.

Get in touch with Greece’s colleges before submitting your applications. As a prospective student, it’s a good idea to know which universities solely accept online applications and which prefer the more conventional method of applying by mail.

As a reminder, Greek colleges begin their academic calendars for the fall semester in September. When applying electronically through the Ministry of Education, keep in mind the deadline is usually around the middle of July. Admissions results are released in August.

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5. Obtain a student visa or a residence permit for Greece.

All of the vital information you’ll need to know before arriving at a Greek university will be included in your admission letter.

The first payment of your school fees should be made as soon as possible. Consult the Greek embassy in your place of residence for assistance with visa and residency formalities. Visas and residence permits are not required for European citizens.

6. Make your way to Greece

You may finally book your flights and start looking for lodging once your visa and residency permits have been approved! Take a vacation to Greece and prepare yourself for a life-changing event.

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Greece Student Visa?

Greece’s requirements aren’t clearly stated but you should have more than 2,000 Euros in your account or an amount that can sustain you throughout your period of stay.

Do I need a student visa to study in Greece?

For Non-European citizens, a student visa is required to study in Greece. But as a European citizen, you can study or visit Greece without restraint.

Can I work in Greece on a student visa?

Yes, students can work in Greece for up to 18hrs daily with their student visas.

How much does a student visa cost for Greece?

Students Visa will cost you a least 120 Euros


Studying as an international student in Greece is a good aspiration for anyone having such thinking, we have done justice to all you need to know about the steps to apply for a Greece student visa and requirements and all you need to know.

If there is other information you want us to help with, drop your comment down below.