15 Harmless Things People Judge Others for at Their Jobs

Most jobs require contact with other people, either customers, clients, or coworkers. In these environments, it’s common to notice relatively minor things about them that drive you crazy. Recently, commenters from an online discussion board discussed the pet peeves that make them give others the side-eye. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Poor Spelling and Grammar

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This one bothers a lot of people, especially when it comes to professional communications such as work-related emails. Using you’re instead of your, using there, they’re, and their in the wrong context, writing loose when they mean lose and being unaware of the difference between stationary and stationery drives a lot of participants up the wall.

2. Ignoring Customers

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Have you ever walked into an establishment and witnessed someone texting and ignoring you until they hit send? I have, and it sucks. Several users say that seeing workers continue their conversations while customers wait for assistance and not acknowledging them is an annoyance.

3. Creative Spelling of Children’s Names

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A person on the discussion board admits to passing judgment on parents who give their children traditional names with, let’s say, unusual spellings.

4. Sports Terms in the Office

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Using sports jargon in the office irritates this writer, who opines, “People who use the term ‘touch base.’ No, I do not want to touch base. I’ll happily have a meeting, but touching base is something people do to score runs in baseball.”

5. The Endless Radio Loop

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This complaint strikes a chord with numerous people on the thread, who take exception to listening to the same radio station day in and day out, playing the same handful of songs, and running the same commercials several times an hour.

6. Resisting Change

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Refusing to change routines because of tradition opens the door to mistakes and inefficiencies. It also closes the door to doing things more effectively.

7. Not Keeping Your Deadlines

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For one individual, “people asking for an email response by a certain date, you reply by that date and get their ‘out of office’ for the next two weeks” automatic email message makes them judge the recipient.

8. Dragging Out Meetings

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Staff meetings are a necessity that workers don’t typically relish. When the meetings are already long and dry, the last thing you want is someone making everyone sit there even longer with frivolous comments and unwarranted questions.

9. Out Loud Computer Shortcuts

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Using keyboard shortcuts to complete specific tasks is expected in the workplace. Saying the shortcut out loud as it’s being done, as in “right click copy, right click paste,” drives a member of the discussion board to ask, “What is wrong with you?”

10. Guessing on the Job

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Another user recounts judging a coworker who, when asked a question, always responded with “I guess…” It could be a verbal tic, but nothing undermines your professional credibility more than sounding unsure about your expertise.

11. Poor Manners

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Saying please and thank you is a fundamental principle of life. It’s easy to understand why some have a less favorable opinion of people who won’t say either.

12. Texting Jargon at Work

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More than a few posters to the online thread confess they lose a little respect for anyone using text messaging shorthand in professional communications. The casual language and shorthand sent in texts to friends and family are inappropriate for work emails.

13. A Little Consideration, Please

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A retail clothing store worker expresses their frustration with inconsiderate customers who try on clothing and leave them in a pile inside the dressing room, pick up clothes in one part of the store and leave them in another section, try on coats without zippering them back on the hanger, and destroy table displays of clothes.

14. Overflowing Plates

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At least one food service worker passes judgment on buffet diners who load their plates with food only to leave half of it uneaten.

15. Isn’t That Exciting!!!!!!

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According to another commenter, their manager emails the staff with sentences that end in multiple exclamation points. No. Just no!!!!
This thread inspired this post.

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